‘OutDaughtered’ Fans OBSESS Over Blayke Busby’s Legs: See Photo

Blayke Busby/Credit: Danielle Busby/Instagram

Danielle Busby isn’t the only one who can’t get over her eldest daughter growing up. A recent post of Blayke Busby and her cousins made fans marvel at how quickly the girls are growing up. Not only that, fans are shocked that Blayke, Lily, and McKenzie, have all grown like weeds. They even look more like triplets than cousins. Why are fans so obsessed with the trio? 

Blayke Busby Goes Skyhigh in Daring Circus Act

All of the Busby girls have stayed busy this summer. They’ve been in one summer camp or another, and also spent time relaxing in their grandparents’ pool. Summer camps for Blayke included cheer camp and bible camp.

4 out of 5 of the quints also went to cheer camp. Hazel stayed behind for Daddy Fun Time. 

10-year-old Blayke also had a high-strung adventure at aerial silk class. Danielle Busby shared a heart-stopping photo of her daughter performing the popular mid-air circus act. 

Blayke Busby/Credit: Danielle Busby/Instagram
Blayke Busby/Credit: Danielle Busby/Instagram

Now it seems Blayke is keeping her feet firmly planted on the ground for her next summer camp. 

Cousin Trio Join Musical Camp Together 

While the quints attend camps together, Blayke often goes solo. For her latest summer enrichment program, Blayke and two of her cousins went to music camp. Fans of the show immediately recognized Busby cousins Lily, 12, and McKenzie, 10. McKenzie turns 11 next month. 

Of course, the close cousins had to dress alike for their foray into music camp. McKenzie’s mom, Crystal Mills (“Aunt Kiki,”) posted a photo of the three girls on her Instagram. Danielle Busby left a comment that she knew the cousins would wear matching outfits. 

Each of the three girls is wearing black shorts and a blue t-shirt. In the comments, fans couldn’t help but notice how much the girls look alike. Furthermore, many followers left a comment saying that Blayke looks just like Danielle. 

Credit: Crystal Mills/Instagram
Credit: Crystal Mills/Instagram

OutDaughtered Fans Speculate About Girls’ Height 

While many of Aunt Kiki’s followers praised the girls’ beauty, there was something else that caught their eye. Still tweens, Blayke, Lily, and McKenzie are already super tall. 

  • heathermouser They’re all just legs. Getting so tall lol!
  • tburnette88 They look more like sisters. That’s awesome that they’re so close to each other
  • lisarads16 My word they are growing up!!! Look at those legs! 3 beautiful girls right there. Have fun ❤️
  • lidia_2009 Those long legs 👏 they’re beautiful 🙌
  • carliiz13 So tall girls!!! Love this cousin pack 🙌
  • summerdaysarethebest Legs for days ❤️

Fans think that all three of the girls will reach great heights some day – literally, and figuratively. 

Credit: Crystal Mills/Instagram
Credit: Crystal Mills/Instagram

Do you think Blayke Busby and her cousins look alike? Share your thoughts in the comments below. 

Check back with us for updates on a possible season 9 of OutDaughtered. 

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