‘OutDaughtered’: Adam Busby Films Special Time With Girls

OutDaughtered - Adam Busby Instagram

Adam Busby of OutDaughered took to Instagram to share a few photos from a recent filming session with his beautiful little girls. Turns out, the TLC father recently filmed some really special time with his girls. And, he was excited to share some of the photos he got during the filming session. Wait, does this mean they are filming new episodes of OutDaughtered? Keep reading for the details.

Adam and Danielle Busby have a YouTube channel

The biggest question fans had when seeing Adam Busby mention filming was simple. Were they working on a new season of OutDaughtered? As we previously reported, the TLC series has NOT been canceled. Adam and Danielle explained that the pandemic created a lot of issues and limitations with filming. Moreover, they just don’t care for being trapped at home while trying to film an episode of the show. Adam and Danielle explained it is more fun for everyone when they can get out and do something.

Adam added the family was still on good terms with TLC. This was confirmed when the network sent a birthday present to the quints. Fans, however, took a slight issue with the network snubbing Blayke by not sending her a birthday present as well. Some fans noted the birthday gift the quints got was a bit too baby-ish for Blayke to also enjoy it. So, they didn’t believe it was intended for her to enjoy as well.

Adam Busby Instagram
Adam Busby Instagram

On their YouTube channel, Adam and Danielle try to upload a video once a week to give fans a look at what is currently going on with the family. Adam has told fans more than a few times the videos make a nice substitution for the show not being on the air.

The OutDaughtered father recently filmed a special vlog

Three days ago, Adam and Danielle Busby uploaded a video to their YouTube channel. The video revealed there was a new park in town. They decided to take the girls to explore the new park. Moreover, they decided it would be a great opportunity to grab some solid content for a new video. Roughly 14 minutes long, the video features the family arriving at the park and Adam giving a tour of the park.

As the video progresses, fans also get to see Adam and Danielle’s beautiful girls with huge smiles on their faces as they enjoy the new park. Adam took to his Instagram sometime after the video was uploaded to share a few photos of Riley and Parker from the time at the park. In the caption, he gushed about how much fun he had filming his girls as they explored.

OutDaughtered - Adam Busby - Instagram
OutDaughtered – Adam Busby – Instagram

“Burning energy! How did the girls do filming this fun obstacle course vlog? Love capturing these fun moments with these crazy kids.” Adam penned in the caption attached to the two photos above.

As OutDaughtered fans know, Adam and Danielle make as much of an effort as they can into getting out and doing things with the girls. They place a high value on keeping them active.

Check out the vlog Adam and Danielle shared down below and let us know what you think of these beautiful photos in the comments down below.

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