Wait, Did ‘OutDaughtered’ Get Canceled Or Not?

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Wait, did OutDaughtered get canceled or is it returning to TLC for another season? Fans continue to plaster this question all over various social media platforms, in fan groups, and in the comments of all Danielle and Adam Busby’s social media posts. Sadly, Danielle and Adam don’t seem to have much free time in their busy schedules to continue to address the question. Likewise, they probably don’t have enough hours in the day to answer the volume of fans that ask the question on a daily basis.

As TvShowsAce previously reported, Adam and Danielle created a video on YouTube to address the future of the series. It was near the very end of the video, but the couple did reveal the future of the series. Sadly, it appears as if a lot of fans never watched the video. This is likely because some fans may not even realize this YouTube channel exists. Furthermore, some fans likely just didn’t stick it out to watch the entire video and it wasn’t until the end that the couple shared the fate of the series.

So, did the series get canceled or was it renewed for another season? Keep reading for a clear answer.

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Did OutDaughtered get canceled or renewed?

Despite this question being answered earlier this month, fans continue to ask if the series is coming back and when the series is coming back. In a video on YouTube, Adam and Danielle explained that OutDaughtered had not been canceled. They were still on great terms with TLC. And, they had plans to come back and do more seasons of the show. Between school and the pandemic, however, they just weren’t in a place to put hours and hours of their day into filming.

When will the show return to the TLC network?

Knowing the show hasn’t been canceled, the next big question fans have is simple. When will the series return to the network? Sadly, this question doesn’t have as clear of an answer. Adam and Danielle Busby told their followers they weren’t really sure when they were going to return to film another season. They did, however, explain that they wanted to wait until the pandemic didn’t limit how much they could get out while filming. Adam and Danielle Busby explained they don’t really like filming when they have to keep the girls at home all day.

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So, this answer is a mix of good news and bad news for fans. Fans are thrilled OutDaughtered was never canceled by TLC. They, however, are bummed there is no clear-cut return date for the series.

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  1. Love to see how they have grown and doing whell in school. we have missed a gread deal with the last three years. they have showed they personalitties and have matured and have stayed the same/ if they can show the other groups gowiing up into their teens and so forth, the busbys should be and want to ratched

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