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Mama June To Pumpkin: Adoption Over Child Support

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Last week on Road to Redemption, Mama June was faced with a tough decision. While in Las Vegas, June was asked to give sole custody of Alana to Pumpkin. After all, the sixteen-year-old had been living with her older sister since 2019 so it just made the most sense. Even though June signed, it appears she did not realize what it entailed. Now, in an exclusive clip, Pumpkin is shocked at what her mother suggests when she does not want to pay up.

Mama June Signs Her Rights Away

When things got messy with June and her boyfriend Geno Doak, her youngest daughter Alana Thompson was caught in the crossfire. She needed stability and a safe place to stay. That was where her older sister Pumpkin stepped in. Along with her husband, Josh Efird, they took in Alana while their mama dealt with her drug addiction. She was arrested, went to rehab, and got sober. Though she tried to maintain a presence in Alana’s life, she was very easily sidelined by men.

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Alana and June

After she broke up with Geno, she headed to Alabama to meet up with a new man named Jordan. There, she proceeded to spend 50K on him. After he ditched her, she met another man named Justin through Jordan. She proceeded to bring him back to Georgia where she bought a new home and car. The girls found her home and went by to see her where they were greeted by her new man. Though she said that Alana could come to stay with her, that immediately turned Pumpkin’s head around.

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Pumpkin and Josh

She knew she had to take action and that meant filing for sole custody of Alana. Along with her little sister and Josh, they met with a lawyer and filed the paperwork. In Vegas, June signed it but Josh ensured that they would be receiving child support now that they were going to be her sole providers. Once June learns this, she flips her switch and it becomes a bad situation.

Alana For Adoption?

As of April 2022, Pumpkin was officially granted sole custody of Alana. Mama June was ordered to pay $800/month in child support which many found to be unfair. According to her financial paperwork, she brought in 25K/month thanks to the reality show. The only reason the judge did not order her to pay more was that the series had not been renewed for another season. Now, in a sneak peek from this week’s season finale from The Sun, June and Pumpkin meet to discuss financials. She does not want to pay 2K/month plus she claims she cannot afford it.

Mama June/YouTube
Alana and June

However, Pumpkin is blown away by this after all of the money she wastes on the random men in her life. She thinks this is ridiculous so June counters with a few hundred dollars. More so, June says she always pays when Alana needs it for her nails and dinners but Pumpkin disputes this. Apparently, June believed Pumpkin was adopting Alana, therefore, taking over all of her needs including finances. Pumpkin is blown away that their mom would be so quick to just throw away all responsibilities to her own child.

Find out how it all goes down on the season finale of Mama June: Road to Redemption Friday on WeTV.

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  1. Sad because if she can buy $50,000 house, surgeries, cars , play time….she could take better care of them all. Especially Alana.

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