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Fans Say Mama June Doesn’t Deserve Kids, Not A Mother

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Mama June has made a habit of putting men before her children and fans are tired of it. Recently, she has been solely posting videos of her and her new husband, Justin Stroud. This has led followers to have some harsh words for the mother of four.

Mama June Leaves Her Kids, Finds A Man

When June finally got out of a severely toxic relationship with Geno Doak, it looked like the family was going to come back together. June returned to Pumpkin’s home, unannounced but started to make plans. She and her daughter, Jessica decided to get a place together and it all looked very promising. Then June and Alana headed to Cali for The Masked Singer but it ended up being a disaster. Mama spent the entire time texting and talking to a new man named Jordan from Alabama. She claimed he was in recovery and that she needed to help him. The moment they touched back down in Georgia, June sent her daughter on her way and she headed to Alabama.

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Her kids were shocked but not extremely surprised to find out that June had spent 50K on Jordan. While she was out there, he ended up getting engaged to someone else. Luckily, she was not alone for long as she felt a spark with his friend, Justin. When she came back to Georgia, he was by her side, even in the car when she surprised Alana for her birthday. The two secretly wed in March of this year and have been inseparable. Now, fans are up in arms after June has been seemingly throwing her love in their faces.

What Kind Of Mom Is This?

Mama June was not there for the birth of Pumpkin’s second baby, Bentley but she was there for the birth of the twins. However, she and Justin left that night for a pre-planned vacation. Since then, they have stayed in Alabama as Justin has some stuff to handle. Yet, June has a lot of time to go on TikTok and post videos of her and her husband on Instagram. This has caused extreme outrage from her followers who feel she is basically not even worthy of having children at this point:

  • “You are not a Mother and you don’t deserve your kids. Unfortunately, they will always try to receive love from you. But you will continue to disappoint. Lauryn “Pumpkin” is your family hero. She deserves the title “Mother””
  • “You don’t deserve to be a mother you lost that role when you constantly put men before your children.. Shame on you”
  • “June, if one or two people are saying something about you. then it could just be them but when EVERYONE is saying it, it’s time to take a look at yourself. Read these comments!”
  • “June’s a poor excuse for a mother!”

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At this point, fans are ready for her to no longer be a part of the series and make it just about Pumpkin, Alana, and their family. As if whether or not June will get the message, only time will tell. What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments and watch Mama June: Road to Redemption Fridays on WeTV.


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  1. My favorite line of this sad article is, “While she was out there, he ended up getting engaged to someone else.” Lol~ Pumpkin is an awesome sister/mom!!! Yes, time for June to go (not putting ‘mama’ if front of her name!!

  2. Mama June needs to understand that when the guys come and go her family is the only constant in her life. Maybe she needs to go to broken family rehabilitation. But they would need a program that was at least five years long to do her any good. Just because your mom doesn’t mean that you get to love and respect all the time, sometimes you just have to earn it. I guess that’s just not worth her time.

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