‘Unpolished’ Bria Martone Welcomes Sweet Baby Girl

Bria Martone and Matthew Mancuso have turned their cute family into a family of five. Bella Mia made her arrival on July 18th at 5:55 AM. She weighed  7 lbs 2oz.

Bria and Matthew’s relationship has been a plot point on their reality show, Unpolished. The two almost eloped, but Bria’s daddy talked her out of it. Later the two wed on the show. Lexi, the co-owner of the salon and her sister, didn’t care for Matthew. Something Matthew did in the past weighed heavily on her. He’d made some comments about her mother years before.

She also didn’t appreciate that Bria was planning a wedding and neglecting her duties and responsibilities at the salon. After the death of their father, Lexi decided to make a truce with Matt. It seems now a new baby has softened that relationship a lot more. If Season 3 is given the green light, it will likely cover the distance between the sisters, and a lot of Bria and Matthew’s wedding. So far, there hasn’t been an announcement that it will be renewed.

Bria Martone Already Has A Darling Diva

Bria Martone posted when she went into the hospital with pictures of a baby beanie and blanket. Both had big pink bows on them. Fans wished her well as she prepared to bring her first child with Matthew into the world. Now that the baby is here, Matt is a proud papa again and Bria is glowing. Matt posted on Instagram, “We are so blessed and excited to welcome our daughter.”  To Bria, he said, “You were so strong and brave and I love you from the bottom of my heart.”

Bria Martone, Instagram
Bria Martone, Instagram

On her Instagram, she posted, “Welcome to the world sweet girl! Mommy and daddy love you so much I can’t even explain! Thank you for choosing us to be your parents!” Bria is already a step-mom to two boys from Matthew’s previous relationship and is already killing it at the parenting job. The couple made sure to include the boys with shirts that said Bodyguard for their new little sister.

Family And Friends Wished Them Well

Bri Martone got lots of love on her Instagram for their new bundle. Lexi Martone loved that she was born at 5:55. She posted a picture with the caption, “Knew you were gonna look like zia vampirina.” Lexi called Bella Mia her gothdaughter.

Lexi Martone, Instagram
Lexi Martone, Instagram

One fan said, “Congratulations Bria and family. She is beautiful and I know you’re going to be an amazing mom to her.” Another said, “She looks like her angel from above her granddad.”

What do you think about Lexi’s gothdaughter? Can you believe the size of the bow? Comment with your thoughts down below.

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