The Mancusos Take Disney World; Bria Shares All The Pictures

Bria Martone, Disney World, Instagram

Bria the Diva is in Disney World with her hubby. The Mancusos are taking on Disney World and sharing every bit of it with their fans. The Unpolished stars wedding just aired on the show. It seemed touch and go for a bit, because of COVID. They are proving to still be going strong. Bria hasn’t missed a beat. She posted pictures in the airport, arriving at Disney, and the hotel.

Bria shared a picture of the two of them in front of the castle and another of her dressed as a mermaid in Animal Kingdom. Bria clearly has themed masks and ears for every occasion. In the first picture, she is wearing an Ariel mask, shiny green scale pants, and Ariel Mickey ears. In the second one, she is wearing all Beauty and the Beast, ears, dress, mask.

She captioned the castle picture. “There’s nothing more magical than these. My Prince Charming every day.” Bria always shares her love for Matt on Instagram. For Valentine’s Day, the two went to dinner in matching red boots. She captioned it, “My forever valentine! First Valentine’s Day as husband and wife! I love you so much baba.”

Did Lexi Not Do Her Disney World Nails?

Bria showed off the nails she got done and tagged Marsha in them. Shocking that Lexi Martone didn’t do her Disney World nails! In a recent episode, she said, “I’ll never sit in anyone else’s chair but my sister’s chair.” Of course, shortly after that when they argue over Lexi being de-speeched, Lexi says, “Marsha can do your nails.” They have Tinkerbell and Minnie on them along with Disney bling and the castle.

Disney World, Bria Mancuso, Instagram

Travel Mouse Plans helped Bria and Matt plan their trip. The concierge service commented on Bria’s post, “Woohoo! I am so excited to see all your posts and so happy to have helped you guys!” The company is tagged in several posts and they gave Bria and Matt gifts in their hotel room. Bria shared their time in Animal Kingdom including the Rainforest Cafe. In one video Bria showed her outfit glowing under a black light. 

She Continues To Show Off Their Trip On Instagram

Her story showed off Toy Story attractions, waiting at STK Steakhouse, and her and Matt on rides. Her most recent story showed off a princess mask and matching bows. She captioned it, “time for Hollywood Studios.”

There are videos in the Star Wars attraction and Matt is wearing a Star Wars mask and t-shirt. They definitely go all out with their themes. There will undoubtedly be much more to come. What do you think of Bria Mancuso’s matching Disney World outfits? Comment with your thoughts down below.

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