‘Unpolished’: Is Matt Mancuso A Stay-At-Home Husband?

Unpolished Matt Mancuso

Unpolished features a lot about Matt Mancuso and Bria Martone in Season2. They plan their wedding but the coronavirus seems bent on spoiling Bria’s wedding. And as fans saw in Season 1, her sister Lexi really doesn’t like him So, Lexi complained that this wedding’s taking over their life. However, fans seem curious about what he does for a job. Is he a stay-at-home husband?

Unpolished – Matt Mancuso seems a bit of a mystery – does he stay at home?

At the beginning of the season, TLC fans saw that Matt helped the girls get the salon ready for re-opening. Lexi gave him a hard time. But does he do more than act as the occasional odd-job man at the salon? And did they actually marry yet? Fans suspect they already walked down the aisle as Bria changed her profile on Instagram. Now, she calls herself Mrs. Mancuso. And from her posts, it looks like they live together. Plus, they raise his kids from a previous relationship.

Meanwhile, neither of their Instagram posts give any hint as to what Matt Mancuso might do for work. Perhaps the Unpolished star spends most of his time as a stay-at-home husband raising the kids? Distractify notes that his Instagram doesn’t go back very far. And he mainly reveals photos since he became engaged to Bria. One hint that he might help out with the salon comes. So, the outlet speculated that he might help with marketing the salon.

Is it okay to be a stay-at-home dad?

These days it’s absolutely fine for dads to stay at home and help raise the kids. Jennifer Martone said in an episode of Unpolished, that everyone needs to pull their weight in the salon. So perhaps he helps out with the heavy stuff, like emptying the trash cans or shifting furnishings around. Perhaps, as the show progresses, Matt and Bria give TLC fans a few more hints.

In the meantime, Matt Mancuso reveals that he likes shooting guns at the range. And he calls it “therapy.” Plus, he works out with weights. And from his many photos of the kids, he clearly loves them and spends a lot of time with them. It makes sense that he might look after the kids.

Unpolished Matt Mancuso a stay at home husband
Credit: Matt Mancuso | Instagram

After all, Bria’s busy with the salon and she specializes in hair and things like facials. Meanwhile, her sister Lexi looks after the nails and creates some awesome ones. Jennifer helps out and Foxy Grandma also pulls her weight. Presumably, Matt can’t escape helping out with the family business from time to time.

What do you think about Unpolished‘s Matt Mancuso possibly being a stay-at-home husband? Do you think there’s anything wrong with that? Sound off in the comments below.

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