Guilty Matt Roloff Fesses Up, He DID Mislead His Children

LPBW Matt Roloff - Youtube

LPBW Season 23 did NOT paint Matt Roloff in a very positive light. A feud ensued between him and his son Zach during the entire season. Sadly, the episode ended without the feud really getting any closure. At the very end of the Season 23 Finale, fans watched as Matt Roloff swam in guilt while realizing what he had done.

Warning: LPBW Season 23 Finale spoilers ahead! 

Filled with guilt, Matt Roloff fesses up

At the end of the episode, very somber music played as Matt Roloff headed up to the property entrance with a farmhand to put up a “for sale” sign. It was a bittersweet moment for Matt as he didn’t have family anywhere in sight to support him during this difficult decision. The bottom line for Matt, however, was very simple. He wasn’t getting any younger. He couldn’t continue to give the property the attention that it needed. And, he wasn’t left with many options when deals to sell to Jeremy and Zach didn’t work out.

LPBW - Roloff - YouTube - TLC
LPBW – Roloff – YouTube – TLC

Talking to the cameras, however, it became clear that the situation was finally hitting Matt. And, he was filled with guilt. He realizes why most of the family feels cross with him. Matt Roloff admits his biggest mistake was holding this legacy over his children’s heads when he knew there was a real chance he might have to sell to a stranger one day.

He still has hope

Matt Roloff tells Amy there are still just shy of 100 acres within the family. Amy, however, corrected Matt noting that those acres are “just for Matt Roloff.” The TLC personality, however, is seemingly holding out hope that the remainder of the property will find a way to stay in the family.

While they don’t have anything to do with the show. Isabel and Jacob Roloff are spending tons of time on the property. So, fans wonder if Matt might pass some of the property to Jacob, Isabel, and their son Mateo.

Isabel and Jacob Roloff - Instagram
Isabel and Jacob Roloff – Instagram

Do you agree that Matt Roloff held this legacy over his children’s heads and should have tried a little harder to make it work? Did he want to retain control over the property after selling it? Did he create these entitled, spoiled brats he now regrets? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. And, keep coming back for more LPBW news.

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  1. No matter what Zach or Jeremy offered Matt he should of taken it. I sold my mothers house to my nephew for half of what I could of gotten for it because he wanted it to stay in the family . If family didn’t want it then sell to a stranger.
    That is my opinion.

    1. Were you the only heir. If it was ok with you, all’s good. If there were any other heirs, how did you compensate them for what they didn’t inherit because you sold it below value? Smaller things than this have caused major rifts in families.

  2. I think what Matt did was appropriate if the kids could not afford it they couldn’t afford it. after all is said and done Zack is very bitter and he’s being very immature about the situation and he’s saying stupid immature things like separation is good right now. That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard in my life. Separation only makes it worse. He’s not taking responsibility for anything and he’s acting like a spoiled little kid.

  3. Matt should have tried harder to come to an agreement with his sons to buy the land. It was what the family always said they wanted. For the kids to carry on his legacy and yet he couldn’t bring himself to compromise with them. I blame him! Maybe his kids are a little entitled I don’t see how they could not be with the lifestyle they’ve lived growing up but that doesn’t mean he could have been a better negotiator and come to a agreement with the boys. Now his grandchildren have nothing to see how his grandfather lived and raised his family.

  4. Karen had a big part in this. She is after his money and wants him to make as much off the sell as he can so she can get a big cut. She is a schemer and the one that broke up Matt and Amy to begin with. She wants money pure and simple. Can not stand her, She puts her two cents worth in every thing. He better get a pre-nup or she will take the money and run.

    1. I think that Karyn need to stay out of the family business.Matt should of made a offer where 1 of his boys could of brought the farm.Amy shouldnt sold her part she should of known that Matt was up to something.

    2. Thank you, I agree with you 100% finally someone brings up that nosey greedy home wrecker! ! She has everything to do with the boys not getting the family home.. shame on Matt. Amy sold the everything for less what it was worth ,thinking it was going to go to her kids. At the time she sold it to Matt because the boys couldn’t afford it. Amy said she would have held onto to it or bought Matt out to make sure it went to her kids. Matt needs to get rid of Karen! Matt is loosing his kids over that women I hope it’s worth it to him!

  5. I think Caryn needs to move on. Matt could have come to an agreement with the boys about the sale of the property. He could have sold it to one or all of the kids for whatever amount he wanted to. He could have sold it to them for a dollar an acre if he chose. I think it comes down to greed on his and Caryns part. She should have stayed away.

  6. His father assumed zach couldnt do the upkeep. Well matt doesnt have to help him thats zacks prob. But matt didn’t want to lose the 4 million he listed it for

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