‘OutDaughtered’ Fan Accounts Taking Things Too Far?

OutDaughtered Fan Accounts Taking Things Too Far? [Instagram]

Are OutDaughtered fan accounts taking it too far? The fans of the show are a vocal bunch. They don’t hide their dismay when it comes to the Busby’s parenting skills or their non-stop travels. The couple has been criticized by fans for their solo adventures. They’re already keeping count this summer since the couple went away countless times last year without their six daughters in tow.

But now, the fans are coming for their own fanbase. Some of the social media accounts have caused concern. Fans think they’re taking things way too far. Read on to see why some fans are calling some of the fan acounts “scary” and “creepy.”

The Busby Bunch [Instagram]

The Busbys lived a quiet life outside the public eye

Adam and Danielle Busby became the first parents who had a surviving set of five quintuplet girls in the United States. The media wanted to know more about the family, which led to the start of the TLC series, OutDaughtered. The show follows Adam and Danielle, their older daughter Blayke, and their quints: Ava Lane, Hazel Grace, Olivia Marie, Parker Kate, and Riley Paige.

Like most parents, they have their ups and downs. Parenting is not fun, especially when you have six daughters. Somehow, they managed to make it look easy. The selling point of the show was that Adam was the only guy in the family.

Adam Busby & His Daughters [Instagram]
They lived quieter lives outside of the show. OutDaughtered made them famous. They have millions of followers on social media. Even the quints became famous in their own right with some making fan pages in their honor. But some fans don’t feel comfortable with the Busbys having their kids in the spotlight for this reason alone.

This can open a door to predators and stalkers. However, the Busbys have managed to deter that from their lives. However, fans are growing concerned about their own fanbase. They fear most of the social media accounts have gotten out of control.

The OutDaughtered fanbase causes concern

One fan took to Reddit to call out the “creepy fan accounts.” They asked their fellow fans if they come across fan accounts that are “creepy” and “purely invasive.” Some of these social media accounts would post pictures of the girls with comments like, “I love you” or “My favorite girl is so pretty.”

OutDaughtered Fanbase Out Of Control? [Instagram]
Keep in mind these are posts from actual adults who are fangirling over the Busby’s daughters. It’s unclear whether it’s older men behind these accounts, but you can never be sure. Fellow OutDaughtered fans took to the thread to share their thoughts. While most don’t want to blame the parents, exposing your kid on social media can be a cause for concern.

  • “This is why you don’t put your babies in the public eye like this. BUT how else would they pay for their bi-weekly vacations?!?!?!”
  • “So so scary. I could never have my child treated like that. Danielle and Adam are so bad for exposing their children like this.”
  • “I’m so glad someone else is calling this out. It’s creepy af. Especially the hashtag ‘inlovewithhazelbasil.'”

Some fans don’t think Danielle and Adam Busby care about the accounts. Others blame Instagram for not taking further action. Do you think kids should be in the public eye? Do you think the OutDaughtered fan account has gotten out of control? Should Instagram do something about it? Sound off below in the comment section.

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