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‘OutDaughtered’ Snarks Blast Adam & Danielle For Exposing Girls

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OutDaughtered snarks are berating Adam and Danielle Busby for how they’ve chosen to raise their daughters in the public eye. Many seem to believe that the TLC stars are exploiting their six girls, Blayke, Hazel, Parker, Ava, Olivia, and Riley. Keep reading to get all of the details.

Adam and Danielle’s quintuplets have spent a lot of their lives in the public eye. They have been on TLC since 2016, which is when the first episode of OutDaughtered premiered on the network.

Today, fans still get a peek into their lives on social media and YouTube. Many of the kids’ big moments have been documented online for many people to see. Danielle has 2 million Instagram followers and Adam has 1.3 million.

Adam and Danielle Busby, YouTube, OutDaughtered

OutDaughtered fans and critics put Adam & Danielle Busby on blast.

On RedditOutDaughtered snarks are discussing the way that Adam and Danielle post about their children online and share so much of their lives. The discussion began with a fan who noticed several creepy fan accounts that repost photos of the girls.

The original poster notes, “Does anyone else find the fan accounts to be borderline creepy and purely invasive? Like for example, lots of accounts are fan accounts but, for one girl specifically. They always make these huge edits, but it is all dedicated to one singular child.”

These OutDaughtered fan accounts get the photos from Danielle and Adam’s Instagram pages and YouTube channel, plus their TLC show.

Adam Busby Outdaughtered - instgram
Adam Busby Outdaughtered – Instagram

One fan accuses the couple of using their kids to make a profit. They write, “This is why you don’t put your babies in the public eye like this. BUT how else would they pay for their bi-weekly vacations?!?!?”

Another calls it “scary” and says, “I could never have my child treated like that. Danielle and Adam are so bad for exposing their children like this.”

OutDaughtered snarks argue that these creepy fan accounts would not exist if the couple didn’t share so much of their kids’ lives online. But with so many social media followers and many fans online, snarks don’t think Adam and Danielle will be removing their kids from the public eye anytime soon.

Creepy fan accounts from OutdaughteredSnarks

So, do you think that Adam and Danielle Busby are exposing their daughters? Do you think it’s a problem? Share your thoughts in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more news about the OutDaughtered family.

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