Adam & Danielle Busby Overwhelming Girls With Too Many Activities?

Adam & Danielle Busby Overwhelming Girls With Too Many Activities? [Instagram]

Fans wonder if Adam and Danielle Busby are overwhelming their girls with too many activities. As TV Shows Ace previously reported, they found out the reason why the parents keep them so busy. They couldn’t help but notice that the quints are involved with so many activities, groups, and sports. The couple has received backlash for their lack of parenting.

Though they became famous for having all six girls, they’ve gotten more attention for their solo trips. During the summer of 2021, they got criticism for traveling without their kids in tow. This has had fans wondering if they want to actually parent their kids.

Danielle & Adam Busby Keep Girls Busy [Instagram]

Adam and Danielle Busby slammed for poor parenting?

It all started when one fan took to the OutDaughtered Snark subreddit to talk about the quints’ many activities. Some have to wonder if the quints are overwhelmed with all they have to do. But, there are times when the girls will cry and complain about their activities. So, Adam and Danielle Busby will allow them to quit if they have to.

“Are the Busbys always putting their kids into activities? Gymnastics, basketball, dance, more dance, soccer, cheerleading camp, volleyball, church groups, theatre camp for Blayke at one point, an invention class, and so many others,” the user wrote. “Then the quints cry about trying something new, so D & A let them quit.”

Adam & Danielle Busby's Family Photo [Instagram]
Fans took to the thread to share their thoughts. There were some that slammed Adam and Danielle Busby for their poor parenting. They think the reason why the quints are involved in so many activities is that the parents can have more time to themselves.

Fans are convinced that they’re happier when they’re away from their children. Keep in mind that neither Adam nor Danielle Busby has confirmed this on social media. The mom of six expressed an interest in wanting a baby boy. But, their constant date nights and solo adventures had caused several fans to raise their eyebrows.

Others were concerned about the costs of the activities. Most parents can’t afford to put their kids in a sport, let alone a group. If the Busbys never became famous on reality TV, it’s likely they wouldn’t be afford to do this for all of their kids.

Are their girls feeling overwhelmed?

Some fans can’t help but wonder if their girls are feeling overwhelmed. One noted they would cry and act up when they don’t want to be involved in their activities anymore. Others noticed that Adam and Danielle Busby’s kids quit their classes easily rather than sticking them out. It doesn’t seem like they’re taking all of these activities at once. It’s more like they’re bouncing from one to another.

A third fan noticed that the quints only take private classes. They’re rarely around other children. What are your thoughts? Do you agree that Adam and Danielle Busby are overwhelming their girls with too many activities? Sound off below in the comment section.

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