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‘OutDaughtered’ Renewal Hangs In Balance, Adam Promises Tell-All

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The fate of OutDaughtered hangs in the balance as TLC fans clamor together with hopes of renewal. Adam Busby got emotional on his Instagram Stories yesterday while watching the very first episode of the series. He explained that one of his girls wanted to watch it and watching the struggle of bringing the quints into the world and how emotional it made him brought him to tears.

Adam Busby realized that while he was on the subject he needed to address the most asked question from his followers. Adam put his hand behind his head as he kicked back into a resting position. He said the one thing fans asked more than anything else was whether the series would return for another season. Both Adam and Danielle have been pretty tight-lipped avoiding the question for the most part.

Adam, however, did address the question once in the comments of his Instagram a while back. As TvShowsAce reported first, Adam’s answer didn’t sit well with fans. Sadly, it sounded like he was trying to find a way to break the news that they would NOT be returning for another season. Until fans hear otherwise, they assumed a renewal of OutDaughtered simply wasn’t in the cards.

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OutDaughtered renewal hangs in balance, canceled or renewed?

Adam Busby also took to his Instagram profile yesterday to admit that they were “long overdue” to answer fans’ questions regarding the future of the series. Would OutDaughtered be canceled or renewed? Sadly, this update was more of a tease and didn’t outright answer the question. Adam explained the entire family would be hosting a live Q&A session on their YouTube channel on Friday. Adam did not announce a concrete time. He, however, said it would happy sometime Friday morning. So, fans will have to wait until tomorrow morning for the official word on if OutDaughtered is canceled or renewed. Until then, the fate of the show hangs in the balance.

Adam Busby - Instagram
Adam Busby – Instagram

Danielle Busby’s health will also be addressed

Adam Busby promises that an update on Danielle’s health will also be part of the Q&A session. As fans recall, Danielle’s battle with a mysterious illness played a huge role in the last season of OutDaughtered. With the future of the series hanging in the balance, fans haven’t gotten any answers on how Danielle is doing or what happened with her journey for answers.

Tomorrow morning OutDaughtered will either be renewed or canceled. And, fans will get the update they’ve yearned for on Danielle Busby’s health. TvShowsAce will report on these new developments as soon as they become available.

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