Ashley Iaconetti Shares Another First For Son Dawson

Ashley Iaconetti, YouTube

Ashley Iaconetti of Bachelor in Paradise loves sharing milestones her son Dawson reaches with her fans. The five-month-old son she shares with Jared Haibon is named after Leonardo DiCaprio’s character Jack Dawson from the Titanic movie. The couple met on the beach dating reality show, but didn’t get together until after cameras stopped rolling. Ashley shared her adorable baby’s latest milestone in her stories.

Ashley Iaconetti, Jared Haibon, Instagram

The baby tries ice cream for the first time. Dawson tries vanilla and then chocolate and Ashley wants to know which one fans think he liked the best. She made sure to let everyone know Jared likes vanilla and she likes chocolate. The couple also loves to create videos with their little tot, in one she captioned it, “anytime my husband leaves something unattended.”

Ashley Iaconetti, Instagram
Ashley Iaconetti, Instagram

In the video, Jared leaves a donut on the table, and then Ashley pops the baby up to pretend to take it. Jared commented he’d watched it an “unhealthy” number of times.

Ashley also poked fun at herself by sharing clips of crying fits she had on the set of The Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise.  She included clips of Dawson crying and said, “like mother, like son.” When Ashley and Jared were on the beach a second time, and not together, she cried the entire time. In the end, it worked out for her and made for some serious memeable moments.

What New First Did Ashley Iaconetti Share

According to People, Ashley Iaconetti shared another first for Dawson from their July 4th weekend. He got to take a dip in the pool.  Dawson took a cute picture with his mom and then Jared took him in the pool for the video. Ashley loves watching Jared get to be a father. She posted on his first Father’s Day about what a good role model he had in his own father.

She said, “I knew Jared would be the most amazing father in part because of his role model. But damn, it’s totally different to *imagine* how great of a father your husband will be and to *experience* it in action.” Ashley shared how hands-on Jared is as a father and how he makes everything fun.

Everybody Loves Dawson

Fans and famous people alike commented on Ashley Iaconetti’s posts about how adorable her son is. Haley Kiyoko said, “Honestly he is so concerningly handsome. Wow.” One fan said, “Ok he literalllllly is the picture perfect child I can’t even with THAT FACE.” Another said, “He seriously is sooo presh! Those eyes, lashes and lips!”

While some fans think Dawson does look a lot like his famous namesake, a lot of others think he looks like Jared.

What do you think about Dawson’s looks? Do you think he looks like Dad? Did you know he was named after a Leo character? Comment with your thoughts below.

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