Becca Tilley Questions If She Let Fans Down, Why?

Becca Tilley, YouTube

Despite popular belief stars of The Bachelor franchise care what their fans think of them. That is something Becca Tilley thought about before coming out to the world recently. She reflected on her time on the show and what her storyline for the show was.

Becca sad her storyline was that she was a virgin. She also was in a relationship with another star from the franchise, Robert Graham. Becca was the runner-up in Chris Soules’s season and Robert was eliminated in week two of Desiree Hartsock’s season. Fans’ reactions when she started dating Robert made her gun-shy about sharing too much.

What Were Fans’ Reactions To Becca Tilley Dating After Bachelor?

Becca Tilley said people weren’t all supportive when she dated Graham. According to People, she said, “when I was in my relationship before Hayley and all of a sudden, I wasn’t a virgin anymore, I felt like, Did I let people down who looked up to me for that reason?”

Becca Tilley, YouTube
Becca Tilley, YouTube

She shared that the comments were awful and it made her say there wasn’t a reason for her to put herself through that again. Becca said she could look at it as since people wanted her to get engaged in eight weeks, maybe they didn’t have the best judgment.

It makes sense why she was so worried to reveal her relationship with singer Hayley Kiyoko. Having received terrible comments in the past, she didn’t want people to come after her again.

She Learned A Valuable Lesson After Revealing Her Relationship

Becca Tilley took her time revealing her relationship to the world. She thanked her partner and all her friends who knew and let her take the time she needed. The former reality star said she was blown away by the support. It helped her realize an important lesson. She said, “I’ve realized I have to give people a chance to prove me wrong.”

While she and Hayley were together often, fans just thought she was really good friends with her. The two met in 2018 and started dating shortly after. Tilley shared her relationship was too important to her to rush the announcement. She also said she didn’t want anyone to think she was ashamed. Now that she can be herself, she’s more carefree than ever. She posted on TikTok about her relationship alongside some cute pictures and videos. Becca posted, “Very proud of this girl. Proud to celebrate pride in a different way this year. Pride takes courage and I wanna thank all of you for sharing your magic with the world.”

Becca Tilley, TikTok
Becca Tilley, TikTok

Are you surprised Tilley faced criticism when she was dating Graham? What do you think about her taking her time to reveal her relationship? Comment with your thoughts down below.

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