Reality Steve Reports ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Big Twist

BIP via Instagram

Bachelor in Paradise is in full swing, and they’re working on keeping it interesting. In a couple of seasons, there have been times when the group had to evacuate the beach. Sometimes, when people change locations, interesting things can happen. There was the case of being evacuated for a storm where Ivan Hall broke the rules and went to visit a contestant who hadn’t yet come to the beach. Now, BIP might add in a location change to their format.

Reality Steve went live on his Instagram account about all the things happening on the beach. He said to keep in mind that his spoilers are two or three days behind what’s going on during the actual show. If you want to be surprised by the twists and turns when it comes out, don’t read past this paragraph.

Bachelor In Paradise Takes Cue From Love Island

Reality Steve revealed the twist isn’t something that’s new to reality television, it’s just new to Bachelor in Paradise. He also said while he knows the twist, he doesn’t know what happened after.

According to the reality blogger, BIP is taking a page from Love Island. On the popular dating show, the genders are separated after they’ve made connections. While they’re apart, other singles are brought in to mingle and try to connect. This is what will happen with Paradise, the couples will be separated. New singles will come in and try to get the roses.

BIP via YouTube
BIP via YouTube

They tried something similar with last season where only certain people were invited to a party away from those they’d coupled up with. Both genders went to the party and they brought in new singles. The new singles they brought on for the two separate groups this season have a few surprised. Most notably one of the men from Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchio’s season is in the new arrivals. There are also two international contestants from Australia. Some main characters have returned for another chance like Jessenia Cruz and James Bonsall.

Steve Also Answered Some Questions

Steve also answered some questions fans had about Bachelor in Paradise. One thing he touched on was if Michael Allio was getting a Bachelor edit. In the past some of the contestants on BIP, Nick Viall being one of them, have seemed to get an edit that sets them up perfectly for taking the lead.

Steve squashed that saying it doesn’t make logical sense. The Bachelor will start filming before BIP airs. Michael A is likely just playing the game like the others that are there while trying to find love.

What do you think about the twist they’re using? Do you feel like they copied Love Island? Who are you looking forward to seeing most on the beach? Comment with your thoughts down below.

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