‘Harley Quinn’ Fans Get First Episode Free Pre-Season, See When

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Energetic, charming, and bubbly with a demented mind, what is not to like about Harley Quinn! If you are a fan of the American adult animated comedy Harley Quinn, you must eagerly await the third season.

After a remarkable Season 2 finale, there has been a lot of anticipation surrounding Season 3. The final episode revealed Poison Ivy’s feelings towards Harley as the pair drove off together with the Gotham City Police Department chasing behind.

Six-Part Mini-Comic For Harley Quinn Fans

As fans wait for Season 3 premiere on HBO Max, Ivy and Harley’s romance continued in a mini-comic series. It comes in a six-part series. The comic “The Eat. Bang! Kill Tour” chronicles the pair’s exploits in the country.

Harley Quinn YouTube

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As per Comic Book, the designated anti-hero & Poison Ivy’s chaotic saga are expected to be a part of Season 3 as well. The Harley Quinn Season 3 trailer also teased numerous cameos from popular DC characters. Kaley Cuoco is the voice of the lead character Harley Quinn. In a recent interview, she teased that Season 3 brings in a lot of good stuff.

She also added that the characters get more insane in the third installment. But this isn’t the end to it. To prepare the fans for a whole new season, HBO has released a special episode online. Before the release of Harley Quinn Season 3, fans are in for a treat. HBO Max officially released Season 3’s first episode, “Till Death Do Us Part,” for free on YouTube.

The episode’s release was promoted on social media with a quirky dialogue from the lead character Harley Quinn.

“In case you’ve been livin’ under a damn rock, my show is the sh*t! Stream the first episode for free now onĀ http://youtube.com/hbomax. You’re welcome!”

Harley Quinn Documents Post-Breakup Journey

The show revolves around Harley and Joker’s breakup, followed by Poison Ivy’s entry into her life to help her friend.

Harley Quinn‘s premiere episode is a crucial step that explores the anti-hero’s growth. It explored Harley’s journey to transition into an empowered and independent woman, with Poison Ivy helping her throughout.

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[Source: YouTube]

If you have already seen the first two seasons, re-watching them would give you an entirely new perspective on their relationship. Although their lingering romance was confirmed right from the start, the end of Season 2 revealed it outright. This free release might be a chance for fans to backtrack on their relationship. However, it could also be a marketing ruse to attract more viewers before the premiere of Season 3.

Co-Executive Producer Jennifer Coyle Confirms More Twists & Turns

Apart from cameos by DC characters, the show’s co-executive producer Jennifer Coyle also revealed that the new episodes would bring in more twists & turns. She further added that the upcoming season would take the audience places & show things never seen before.

Harley Quinn Season 3 premieres on Thursday, July 28, on HBO Max. What does the future hold for Harley and Ivy’s relationship? Are you excited about the Harley Quinn craze? Let us know in the comments!

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