Tia Booth’s Fiance Gets Real About Relationship Struggles

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Bachelor alum Tia Booth recently got engaged and now she’s expecting a baby. Her fiance gets real about their relationship struggles. Keep reading to see what he has to say.

Bachelor alum engaged, baby on the way

After two attempts at finding love on reality TV, Tia Booth had better luck outside the Bachelor franchise.

The former contestant on Season 22 of the flagship show got engaged in April to Taylor Mock. The couple started dating in early 2021.

Mere months after her surprise engagement, Tia Booth had another surprise in store for fans. She is expecting her first child with Taylor Mock.

Tia Booth’s fiance gets real about relationship struggles

Engagement, marriage and baby might check all the boxes for Tia Booth but her fiance wants people to know it wasn’t easy.

He took to his Instagram to shed a light on how what you see on social media isn’t always the truth.

In a lengthy post, he informs his followers that his relationship with Tia isn’t perfect. “On social media it looks like mine and Tia’s relationship has been smooth sailing,” he wrote.

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Taylor Mock and Tia Booth/Credit: Tia Booth Instagram

But that wasn’t always the case. “There’s been tons of struggle, loss, sleepless nights crying on the bathroom floor-sometimes together sometimes alone, near breakups,” Mock said about their relationship.

However, they “never gave up.”

He went on to talk about Tia losing her dad to cancer in 2022. “T, your dad will always be here for you. You might not see him, but he’ll be with you every step of the way,” he said.

Taylor Mock ended his missive on a sweet note, “Thank you for giving me the greatest gift that is a child I call my own, love you mean it.”

Click here to see his post in its entirety.

Pregnancy update

The Bachelor in Paradise alum isn’t very far into her first pregnancy. However, she’s already noticing some major changes.

She took to her Instagram to talk about her symptoms.

“Bras hurt, my stomach is always in distress, I feel so stiff, I cry every other hour,” she said of her first trimester.

Tia also asked her followers if they ever experienced “weird vision issues” during pregnancy. She wrote, “I can see, but in one eye, it feels like I looked up at the sun then back down.”

In her next slide, she vowed not to make her entire IG a “full on pregnancy page.” She did, however, update on the vision problems. According to her doctor, vision issues are normal during pregnancy.

Credit: Tia Booth Instagram

What did you think of Taylor Mock’s blunt look into his relationship with Tia Booth? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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