’The Flash’ Season 8 Netflix Release Date?

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Good news for Netflix users waiting for The Flash season 8! The show is now back on The CW Network and is soon to be available for streaming on several Netflix regions. The episodes will either be released on Netflix on a weekly basis or in one go. However, this will happen only after the show wraps up airing on the TV network.

The Flash Surpasses Older Arrowverse Characters In Popularity

Based on a popular DC comic book of the same name, The Flash started airing on the network in 2014. It is one of the oldest and biggest shows on The CW Network. Fans have seen several old Arrowverse shows that have now been wrapped up. The network aims to shift to an era of completely new characters. This includes popular names such as Batwoman, Superman, and Naomi. None of these made their way to the streaming platform Netflix.

The Flash YouTube

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Even if you haven’t ever watched the Arrowverse in the correct order, The Flash will surely keep you hooked with its intriguing storytelling style. Most of the older shows are no longer on Netflix and the only show that stood the test of time is this. The Flash has now been confirmed for a ninth season as well.

The Flash Season Finale To Air By June End On The CW

Unlike Season 7, the 8th season won’t face any midseason delays. However, the latest season didn’t actually return for its regular slot. Rather, new episodes started airing on November 16 with the much-awaited crossover with Armageddon.

The new season is compiled of 20 episodes, 5 of which have already aired on The CW before a season break. The season resumed on March 9 with episode 6, and the finale is set to air on June 29.

When Can Fans Stream The Flash Season 8 On Netflix US?

Netflix has its largest user base in the United States. The streaming service struck a deal with The CW that ended in 2019. As per the deal, all shows will be available on Netflix for users to stream for the show’s lifetime plus 5 more years. With this deal, the much-awaited The Flash season 8 will be available on Netflix about 8 days after the season finale airs on TV.

The Flash YouTube

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As per What’s On Netflix, the show’s Season 8 is set to release on Netflix US on July 7, 2022. However, the date is subject to change.

Global Netflix Release Of The Flash Season 8

Except in the U.S., The CW show will be available on Netflix on one episode per week basis. This includes regions such as Portugal, Greece, The Netherlands, Israel, Romania, Belgium, Canada, and Slovakia. If your region received weekly episodes in the past, the same suit would be followed for this season as well.

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