Malia White To Crossover On ‘Below Deck Down Under’?

Malia White will not appear on Below Deck Mediterranean Season 7. The cast has been unveiled and there’s a new female boatswain. Malia previously revealed her plans to leave the show at the height of the backlash she’s received. Fans called for her removal after Hannah Ferrier’s firing.

The former chief stew had to leave her position since she had an unregistered prescription for Valium and a CBD pen on board. Malia turned Hannah in after they argued about cabin arrangements. She sent Captain Sandy Yawn a photo of Hannah’s belongings. Since the timing was suspect, fans thought Malia was seeking revenge.

However, she claims she was only following Maritime law. Both Malia and Sandy received backlash for how they handled that matter. Malia wants to step back from the show after the criticism she received.

Malia White Not Returning To Below Deck Med [Credit: Malia White/Instagram]
[Credit: Malia White/Instagram]

Malia White leaves Below Deck Med

In a previous interview on Brandi Glanville’s Unfiltered podcast, Malia White confirmed she’s not returning to Below Deck Med. She wants to focus on her yachting career outside of the public eye. The aspiring captain also talked about the backlash she received after that controversial season aired. After that fallout, Malia didn’t want to return to the show for Season 7.

“I didn’t leave because of anything that happened,” Malia White said. “Like, I don’t have bad feelings towards any part of Below Deck or anything that’s happened.”

She also claims it had nothing to do with the Hannah situation. Rather, she wants to take a break from the show to study for her upcoming licenses. Malia also launched her own podcast, Total Ship Show. It’s already in its second season.

Malia White & Tom Checketts [Credit: Bravo TV/YouTube]
[Credit: Bravo TV/YouTube]
“It’s not that I might never come back to the show. I’m just not on the next season,” Malia White continued. “I got in a really bad scooter accident. And I’m studying for this big oral [exam], so it’s just a good time for me to take a break and a step back.”

The yachtie insists that “everyone’s learned” from the situation and has moved on. She hopes that the fans will move on as well. However, Malia teased that her time with the franchise is far from over. She’s hoping to crossover into another show.

Wants to appear on these Below Deck spinoffs

Malia White expressed an interest in joining either Below Deck Down Under or Below Deck Sailing Yacht. Both would be a perfect fit for the certified scuba diver who also likes to party hard. Malia said she could join either show in a higher rank since she now has her “officer’s ticket.” She feels Below Deck Down Under would be a better fit for her.

“When I saw that Down Under has all this diving and stuff, I was like, ‘Hey, how come I’m not on Down Under?’ I want to go to Australia and go diving. So yeah, I’d definitely go there,” Malia White said. “And the captain is awesome. Captain Jason [Chambers].”

Malia White Interested In Below Deck Crossover [Credit: Bravo TV/YouTube]
[Credit: Bravo TV/YouTube]
She called the Aussie hunk “an absolute gem.” Malia also said she would “never say no to sailing.” She met up with some of the BDSY crew during her time in New York. The reality star had a “blast” with Daisy Kelliher. Malia would like to work with both her and Captain Glenn Shephard.

What are your thoughts on Malia White crossing over within the franchise? Do you think she’s a good fit for Down Under or Sailing Yacht? Do you think she should make a comeback? Sound off below in the comment section.

However, she’s not a seasoned sailor. Below Deck Med is currently on hiatus. Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 3 airs on Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on Bravo. New episodes of Below Deck Down Under stream on Thursdays on Peacock.

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  1. How about Malia head up a yacht of all the dead weight yachties we have had to endure. Start with Chef Ryan, current Ashley, Elizabeth, Jennifer, Rocky, Tom (the barfer), John-Luc, Caroline, Pete, Danny, Leon, Mila, Sunshine, June, Jessica, and Captain Sean. Below Deck STD-Bermuda Triangle.

  2. No no no!!! I would hate it if she joined either show!! She’s awful!! Can’t stand her!! I would be pissed if she joined either shows

  3. Why would you poison the new show in that way? Bad, bad, bad idea!

    And much credit to Captain Jason for keeping it all real.

    I do not think that the crew from below deck med exemplify or represent the true Yachties, VERY embarrassing. With the exception of but one or two they do not deserve to pollute the other spin off shows!

    In different seasons the show went to the dark side and became a total 3 ring circus the captain, boatswain and chief stew! (Not Hannah! GOD bless you for enduring them all) shame on all of you! You all deserve the worst of the worst charter guest forever more!

  4. New show idea:

    Bring back Lexi Wilson and Rayna Lindsey as the primary and co-primary, they both can fight it out to see who is the primary and not! Who knows maybe someone would get to walk the plank. After that is all solved you can charter and crew the boat with all of the following.

    Guest line up; delores, brandy, nichelle, areca, barrie, erica and timothy (make sure that internet is up to speed)

    Yachties that all could not cut it.

    sandy and malia could be co-captains, chef ryan and chef mila kolomeitseva; these two could have a cook off to see who can be chef and sous chef (beware of sharp objects) chef leon could be on stand by.

    chandler and ashton could be co-boatswain, jennifer and trevor could be co-lead deck, danny and dane co-deck hands in training, james and cj could be co-deck/engineer, lara and adrienne could be co-chief stew, ashley and elizabeth could be co-stews in training, rocky keep your tail the mermaid works for you!

    Rename the show to below deck oblivion into the unknown never to return?

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