‘Unexpected’ Season 5 Tell-All Part 2 Recap- June 12

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Last week on part one of the Unexpected tell-all, Jason and Kylen’s relationship was put under a microscope. The other mothers hoped he would finally apologize for his awful ways but that never happened. Ultimately, she walked out as did he. His family even declared there would not be a show without them. They have agreed to come back but what will they say? Taylor, Tiarra, and Tyra have all made up while Tyra is still leery of Alex. He actually is there but will not appear on the show along with Aden who declined the invite. Emersyn’s mom already took a jab at Tiarra and Tyra’s mother so she is probably just warming up. Anything can happen when part two begins now.

Back To Jason’s Unexpected Drama

He wants to make a closing statement but none of the cast wants him back. Jason declares the “professional rawdogger is back” and then announces he has a closing statement. Kylen shares she does not want to feel attacked. Host Ananda Lewis says that everyone does not think Jason’s behavior and the way he talks to her are good for her self-esteem. Kylen says it is hurtful but she wants both of her child’s parents around. She maintains that they are happy and fine. The grandmothers are watching her struggle to get words out and they can tell it is hard for her. After she is done, Jason says “we don’t need your two cents.” Jason is supposed to have this grand closing statement but now he needs to think on it.


He has nothing to say so Kylen says that they love each other and that is it. Tiarra lets her know that they care about her and the same goes for Jenna. She was with Aden and did all that she could but it took her three years to walk away. In the midst of it, Kylen tries to say that they are not criticizing any of their relationships. Ananda tries to note that they were together for such a short time and maybe they need to grow some. It takes a little maturing but Jason claims having a child speeds all of that up. Ananda asks if they want to talk about anyone else’s relationships.

Up And Out?

Jenna says she loves seeing Lilly and Lawrences as she hopes Luca can someday have a great stepfather. That’s when Kylen and Jason decide to leave. Ananda asks why they are going, says it is an open forum to talk about everyone, and reminds them it is hard to be represented if they are not doing or saying anything. Clearly, Jason just did not like other people getting praised. He maintains that they got shut down and they were not being heard. Jason said he just wanted to give his closing statement and that never happened. Erica pulls Kylen aside and gives her a hug but of course, Jason questions it. They are now leaving and Jason’s dad, Scott says it is all their choice. Before they leave, the producers ask Scott and Heidi their final thoughts.


Scott thinks it went really well and they did an excellent job while Jason says he does not give an F and then belches. Kylen says nothing so that sums up this season for them. Onto Jenna’s family but Ananda thanks Jenna for trying to get through to Kylen or at least attempting. The whole fam is there, Heather, Matt, and his wife, Cathy. She confesses she picked up and moved out with Luca and it was hard at first but she loves it now. Matt says that Aden was an amazing father but way too controlling and that scared him. In comparing Jason and Aden, Jenna was very isolated but Jenna says they are back now.

Living Your Best Unexpected Life

Matt has no idea how the separation of families works like Jason and Kylen. He thinks that is just awful. Jenna and Aden don’t speak but they only text with each other until the custody hearing. Ananda notes this is far different than the family they saw last season and hopes it stays that way for Luca. Finally, Jenna is living her best life on her terms. Now, it is time for Emersyn, her mother Erica, and her stepdad, Sai. After rewatching the footage from the season, Emersyn admits she was acting out as a teenager. Erica shares she was a lot like her daughter as a teenager. Emersyn is still living with Mason but she is visiting when she can. Her mom feels they get along better when they do not live together. Plus Sai sees they are quite similar which is interesting.


Erica claims that Emersyn told her mom that she felt safer when Mason’s mom Shannon was not around. Emersyn says that never happened and Mason’s dad, Ernie is livid. He is about to come to the stage and told Mason that Erica will pay for what she has said. Keep in mind that Shannon was in prison when the kids got pregnant and Erica uses that constantly against the family. Shannon is there virtually and she can’t leave the state per her probation. Granted, she had an addiction and that kept her in and out of the home but she is back now. For Erica, this is not a safe environment to have kids in.

Ernie’s Halfway House

To Ernie, this is where his kids live and that is his priority. Shannon tries to let Erica know that if she was so concerned, she should have come and introduced herself to her. She just judges and does not resolve, according to Shannon and they have never even spoken. Erica says she would invite her over but does not think Shannon can leave the county. Both Erica and Emersyn are in tears which Sai and Ananda note but it is also noted that Mason never apologized for his role in everything. At the same time, Emersyn says she did not bring him to her bed with the intention of being intimate. She had just given birth so that was the last thing on her mind.


Mason does apologize for his part in it and that is accepted. Erica and Shannon clearly will never get along because they are very different. Emersyn walks away and is steaming mad that her mom puts words in her mouth. Ernie does not like that Mason was too easygoing. In the back, Shannon is mad because she thinks Erica is fake and phony. Emersyn does not like that her mom claims she does not feel safe with Shannon around but Sai and Erica maintain that happened. Sai thanks Emersyn is under some pressure from the family so there is a lot of conflict and drama over there.

Lilly And Lawrence Entered An Unexpected Phase

As of now, Lawrence sleeps in Aaliyah’s bed because everyone is in their bed. They are intimate in their living room. However, they are soon moving out and moving back home. Yet, Lilly’s parents are renting a place in a senior living center and the kids will take over their home. Yes, they will still pay rent but get a lot more for their buck. Will, they get married? That is something for the future as they are focused on so much more right now. Lilly’s mother and stepfather are not even legally married so there is no rush. Ananda jokes about a double wedding which Lawrence is not mad at.

That is how the tell-all ends. What did you think of this season and who would you like to come back? Let us know and remember that you can catch up on this season of Unexpected on discovery+.

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