‘Unexpected’: Jason Korpi Misses Court, Wanted Man?

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Unexpected star Jason Korpi is in a lot of trouble. There was very little news regarding his May 3rd arraignment regarding his eleven charges. This is probably because it never happened and here are all the details as to why.

Unexpected Star In Trouble On And Off Television

Jason gets into trouble no matter what he does and where he goes. This past Sunday, part one of the tell-all aired and the series’ cast was all over him. The girls hoped clamored around the monitor backstage to watch his segment with Kylen. They hoped he would be somewhat remorseful for his horrid behavior throughout the season. Sadly, he was not and gave a shoutout to his haters. They stood in line to tell him how atrocious he was and how he ruined his girlfriend’s big day. Giving birth is supposed to be a beautiful moment but he took that from Kylen. Furthermore, he stormed off the stage, telling everyone he was the show and that the rest of them were not even popular. His father concurred and said they would not even have a show without them.


Jason was not done with the episode as he sat in his dressing room flipping out. When the producers asked if he would come back out, he did not want to. Finally, he did agree but only to make his closing statement. Next week, he will be back and it seems to go even further downhill. To add to his television drama, a warrant had been issued when he failed to show up for his May 3rd arraignment. Yes, he never showed up and that was why Starcasm seemingly could not get any additional info on Jason’s case. So, what happened next? He was a wanted man.

On The Run?

So, Jason was supposed to be in court on May 3rd to face the eleven charges from his February DUI arrest but that did not happen. According to Starcasm, Jason never showed therefore a bench warrant was issued. For two weeks, the teenager was a wanted man. The warrant was ultimately recalled on May 19th but it is unclear as to why. His new arraignment is scheduled for June 28th per a Bail Order. Judging by his attitude on the tell-all and the fact that he did not show up for his arraignment, this is not boding well at all.


Is it possible for Jason to change by the end of the month or will he go in unremorseful? Hopefully, there will be some clear answers pending he shows up this time. Are your surprised Jason missed his arraignment? Let us know and watch part two of the Unexpected tell-all Sunday on TLC.

Amanda Nowitz

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