‘Unexpected’ Emersyn Makes It Clear Where She Stands With Mom Now

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Unexpected newbie Emersyn Potter had a rough road with her mother, Erica. They had a lot of ups and downs this season and by the end, Emersyn had moved in with her boyfriend’s family. So, where do she and Erica stand now? Emersyn did an ‘ask me a question’ segment on Instagram and answered everything honestly.

Emersyn Potter Joins An Unexpected Ride

Being a teen mom is never easy. It is especially hard when there are cameras following your every move. Eighteen-year-old Emersyn learned that when she joined the hit TLC reality series for Season 5. Along with her boyfriend, Mason they were expecting their first baby together. When she learned she was pregnant, it was an odd coincidence because so was her mom, Erica. Erica was adamant about abstinence for her daughter until it was too late. The one rule she did have about Mason staying with the family was that he could not stay in Emersyn’s bed. Yet once their son Mateo was born, she grew tired of Mason being far away from her.


He ended up staying in her bed and the two immediately got caught. From there, he was not allowed over again and that was when it got really tough. Emersyn decided to go live with Mason and his parents Ernie and Shannon. They were extremely welcoming and he wanted her and the baby to be away from all of the stress. Erica did not care for Shannon as she had been in prison so she was constantly mocking the living situation. Even at the tell-all, she says some off-color things which is interesting as she had been a teen mom herself. She will also go after Shannon in part two. So, was she able to reconcile with her daughter? Emersyn spilled the tea.

Back Together Or Divided?

Followers came in with a lot of questions and of course, they wanted to know about Emersyn and her mother. They asked if she was back living with her mom. She responded with no and added “not eva” so that is a very clear message right there. Another inquired if she was close with her mom. She replied: “not really lol.” In an interesting twist, she shared that Erica’s husband, Sai is actually “pretty awesome.” She found him to be pretty laid back on the show so that is nice to hear. As for if the relationship with her mom can be repaired, Emersyn joked: “probably for the millionth time lol.”


She also talked about why she joined the show. Apparently, she applied for fun. Looks like it worked in her favor. One person wanted to know how she and Mason met. They actually met online, which is pretty cool and yes, they are still together. It was noted that she appeared pretty shy at the tell-all. Emersyn explained that she has a problem where she can randomly zone out. She believes that happened most of the time there but she says she does have her opinions. Good for Emersyn for being so open, honest, and owning her truth.

Don’t miss part two of the Unexpected tell-all Sunday on TLC. 


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