Mattea Roach Shares HUGE Pay Out Drama, Why The Hold Up?

Mattea Roach

The American TV game show Jeopardy!  has been a life-changer for many who enjoyed some great winning streaks through several episodes. However, a recent error with payment has sparked debate among fans on Twitter. Mattea Roach, the Jeopardy! champ has revealed that she hasn’t yet received her $560K earnings after a 23-day winning streak.

As per the Canadian tutor, an error has been preventing her from claiming her earnings. The 23-year-old took to Twitter to share about the issue after a one-timer from the game show, Michael, gave her a shout-out. The participant also enquired whether she had received her funds yet.

Mattea Roach Responds To Michael’s Twitter Query

As per The Sun, Michael tweeted that Mattea might have beaten him on the game show with a historic run. However, her prize money check won’t be small enough for a mobile deposit. Mattea has been quiet after her impressive winning streak ended on the show. However, the champ broke her silence by responding to this tweet by Michael.

Mattea revealed that the prize money was so humungous that it had created an error with her bank. She also mentioned in a sarcastic tone that the check wasn’t small enough for a mobile deposit. To top it off, the bank held the check for 15 business days.

As per the winner, the bank had some suspicions over the source of the money as it was a large amount in foreign currency.

Fans Confused On The Delayed Payment

This deposit drama stirred up a conversation on Twitter, with fans going wild with surprised reactions. One user asked if the team gave her a check as opposed to a wire transfer which is a standard procedure for large amounts.

Mattea Roach

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Another was shocked at the month-long delay given that the source of the money was legit and a popular TV game show. An alumnus also popped up, sharing his experience with the payment procedure. He mentioned that his check was way above the bank’s mobile limit. However, he called up the customer rep and managed to have his mobile limit increased temporarily.

Ken Jennings And Mayim Bialik Take Charge

The ongoing season of Jeopardy! is hosted by Mayim Bialik and Ken Jennings. Among the previous seasons, this one has seen a stunning stretch of winning streak holders. These names include Mattea, Ryan Long, Matt Amodio, & Amy Schneider.

The game show is all set to come back in November with the Tournament of Champions with all the champions participating. The thing that makes Jeopardy! special is that the streak holders tend to be so different. However, the when and how of players claiming their wins can be different.

Battle Of The Hosts At Jeopardy!

Mayim and Ken filled in for Alex Trebek after he tragically passed away in 2020. Given that a single host hasn’t yet been decided after the late Alex’s demise is a point of debate among fans. The Canadian-American TV personality had hosted the game show since 1984.

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  1. Ms. Roach was almost unbearable to watch … her ego was disgusting and rude. Maybe she should take lessons from the rideshare driver , he was the example of a good winner. She should not be on Jeopardy period. Just my thoughts.

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