‘Jeopardy!’ Rolls Out Red Carpet & Fat Check For Ryan Long

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Jeopardy! fans are questioning whether or not the network has given recent contestant Ryan Long special treatment after his loss on the show. His time on the game show ended on June 6. However, what has happened since then is what has fans raising their eyebrows. Keep reading to see why.

Ryan Long’s Run On ‘Jeopardy!’

Long won 16 games of Jeopardy!, which netted him around $300,000. Prior to appearing on Jeopardy!, he was working as a rideshare driver in Philadelphia.

Jeopardy! - YouTube/Jeopardy!

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There have been a few contestants who have won a substantial number of games throughout the history of Jeopardy! That’s not what has fans curious. The way Long has been treated since his departure from the game show is different, though.

He was asked to travel to his local ABC affiliate so that they could film a news segment about him. His visit to the ABC studio had a few surprises in store that have left fans with a few questions.

Not only was Long featured on his local news for winning so many consecutive games, but he was presented with his $300K check on television. It isn’t unusual for a small, local station to cover a Jeopardy! winner, but no other contestant had been given their winnings in this way.

Is The Network Giving Him Special Treatment?

Fans on Reddit were the first to point it out. One user asked, “I am curious – does every J! winner end up picking up their winnings at the offices/studio of the affiliate that hosts the show in their area, or was this part of a special story the station did on Ryan? If not, other past winners, how did it work for you?”

Jeopardy! - YouTube/Jeopardy!

Credit: YouTube/Jeopardy!

People began chiming in about the presentation of the check being a bit strange. “For most contestants, win or lose, they get mailed a check WEEKS after their final episode airs. The ABC affiliate must have pulled some strings to make this happen,” one person commented.

Contestants who have appeared on Jeopardy! jumped in with their experiences. Most of them agreed that it usually takes between 60 and 90 days to receive your winnings from the game show. So, why does it seem as though Ryan Long has been given special treatment?

There are a few theories as to why Long may have received his check early and how it was presented. He has been living paycheck to paycheck and some commenters theorized that could be why he received his winnings so fast. Others suggested that being a super champ speeds up how fast you get your money. It is also possible that the game show is changing its payout schedule.

Many people praised him for being so humble, something that was highlighted in the ABC Philadelphia news segment, which you can watch below. Whatever the case may be, Jeopardy! fans were sad to see Ryan go after a 16-game winning streak.

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  1. Really, what a hometown affiliate does with a local hero is nobody’s business other than theirs. I do not understand why all these Jeopardy! fans have to put their two cents into everything Jeopardy! It’s getting to be a little ridiculous!

    Also, still waiting for Ken Jennings’ returned.

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