‘Jeopardy!’ Viewers Want Mayim Bialik Canceled Immediately

Jeopardy! Viewers Want Mayim Bialik Canceled Immediately [Mayim Bialik | YouTube]

Jeopardy! viewers want Mayim Bialik canceled immediately. They slammed her for her “snippy” behavior. Viewers are now rooting for Minneapolis-based meteorologist Eric Ahasic, who is on his fifth consecutive win with $133,000 total. However, Bialik made a rude comment.

The 46-year-old actress is hosting Jeopardy! for the fifth week in a row. Ken Jennings is said to make his return by July 2022. The permanent hosting position is still available and will be announced by the end of Season 38. Earlier this week, fans said goodbye to Ryan Long, who lost after 16 wins.

The Philadelphia-based rideshare driver was one-upped by Eric. The chipper Minnesota native has become a hit with fans. He won the latest episode with $133,000 total and 31 correct responses. However, Mayim Bialik lost control of her normally calm demeanor.

Eric Ahasic's Five Consecutive Jeopardy Wins [Jeopardy | YouTube]
[Jeopardy | YouTube]

Mayim Bialik loses her cool

During the regular Jeopardy! round, a clue from the category “US Dates” read, “On this date in 1921 an unknown soldier was buried at Arlington National Cemetary.” Eric was already feeling good about his hot streak. He buzzed in so quickly that Bialik was off her game. He responded, “What is Memorial Day?”

The former Blossom actress said, “Looking for the date. No.” She hinted for Eric to be more specific, but suggested that he was on the right track. Eric then asked, “What is May 31st?” Bialik lost her cool and said, “No! No!”

Mayim Bialik Gets Snippy [Jeopardy | YouTube]
[Jeopardy | YouTube]
The other two players awkwardly watched from their podiums. Siobhan then buzzed in and said, “What is May 31st?” The contestant repeated Eric’s response thinking that’s what the actress was looking for. Bialik grew impatient with the contestants and said, “No” once again.

All three contestants were left stumped by the clue. The former child star said, “What is November 11th.” Jeopardy! fans were in shock over what happened. They feel that Bialik is to blame for the massive blunder.

Jeopardy! fans want Bialik fired

The viewers often tweet about Jeopardy! when it airs in their timezone. Most were flabbergasted over what happened during that round. They blame Mayim Bialik for the snafu and want her canceled. Others didn’t her attitude towards Eric, who became the new fan favorite.

  • “Mayim seems a tad snippy tonight.”
  • “I guess she let him know she wanted the date, not the holiday name. He won’t make the mistake again.”
  • “Mayim should be canceled.”
  • “Mayim Bialik ~ 6/10/2022 ~ ice cold.”
  • “BRING BACK KEN JENNINGS. MAYIM BIALIK IS AWFUL & she hesitates because she doesn’t know the answers.”

Eric bounced back from that awkward round. He added $28,000 to his winnings and now qualifies for the Tournament of Champions since he won all week long.

What are your thoughts on Mayim Bialik’s behavior in the last episode? Do you think she’s a good fit for Jeopardy? Sound off below in the comment section.

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Chanel Adams


  1. Everyone has to be treated with kid gloves these days. Have a backbone!! She’s doing a great job. Jennings is in too much stuff already. I don’t watch it much when he’s hosting.

    1. I’ve got an idea, everyone needs to stop being so sensitive. She tells all contestants no or that’s incorrect all the time. Put on your winter coats you snowflakes.

  2. I can’t wait for Bialik to be gone. She’s very condescending and I’m further annoyed when she hesitates to acknowledge a correct response.
    I think it not only throws off the respondent but the other 2 contestants as well. Why does she do that? Is it a not so subtle way of playing favorites?

  3. Take it easy on Mayim! My guess is Alex made a few mistakes and learned from them in his early years but didn’t have Social Media weighing in. I enjoy her a bit more than Ken Jennings.

  4. Mayim Bialik is the host I choose for the permanent host . She speaks very clearly and has a great personality. We all make mistakes.

  5. This is baloney. Mayim is amazing.
    Have you never watched the chase or masterminds. I think you are confused re who is snippy.

  6. When are you going to come to terms with the fact that most of the Jeopardy! fans want Ken Jennings back! Ken Jennings is smart, dignified, nice to all contestants and the fan favorite. It is very difficult for a lot of us to listen to Mayim’s voice which is condescending and at times impatient. She is just not a good fit for Jeopardy!

    Why do you keep making us choose? Why do you not know that Ken Jennings deserves to be host of Jeopardy! This is getting so old.

    1. “Most?” Hummm….don’t believe you have a
      leg to stand on while making broad statements for the rest of the faithful viewers. I love Ms. Bialik, personally, and no, TRUMP did not win the election, Q.

  7. People need to chill! She didn’t do anything wrong. She was just letting him know he missed the intent of the answer perhaps to help him & other contestants listen & read more carefully. God forbid the host should be helpful to the participants.

    It’s a game show. Enjoy it as the contestants seem to be.

  8. I really like MAYIM!!! I think she does a great job on JEOPARDY!!! Very professional, clear speaking voice, and great with guests!! I like KEN, as well, but sometimes he says things that annoy me! All in all, they both do a great job on show! It’s nice to have an intelligent man & woman lead the game show!!!

  9. This is the most ridiculously nitpicky thing ever. People are trying to find a reason to dislike her. I don’t consider myself a feminist because I personally dislike what the movement has become… but it’s obvious she was disliked from the word go.

    Ken Jennings is a pretentious twit, he has no personality, and even bullied a 10 year old CHILD because he didn’t like his dad’s politics. He is a class one self indulged dink… but people like him?

    Tell me it’s not misogyny.

    Look. I loved Alex. But he’s gone. No one is going to BE him. Get over it.

  10. How dare a woman act incredulously when a man gives an incorrect answer! Who does she think she is? The family fued guy? Didn’t she realize that its not okay for a woman to tell a man he didn’t answer a question correctly? My she has some nerve being smarter than everyone else in the room! She really should know her place. Am I right folks? We need less woman getting in the way of middle class white men from getting their money.

    In case anyone can’t tell, this is sarcasm. As a man, I apologize for the SDE and SBE triggering these morons into making mountains out of anthills.

  11. I do not enjoy watching her one bit. I haven’t watched since Ken started his break. I will not watch her. If she stays I will never watch Jeopardy again.

  12. Ugh, she’s just awful. Not only does she seem awkward and snippy, she pauses just a small amount before she tells the contestant if they’re right or wrong… and that pause is so irritating. Ken was a superior host by far and should be given the permanent hosting position.

  13. As long as Mayim is on Jeopardy, we will NOT watch it. She is a terrible host and she wasn’t that good on Big Bang Theory!! When Ken Jennings comes back and is permanent, we will watch Jeopardy again. MAYIM SUCKS!!

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