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Christine Brown Seeks Advice On Replacing A Preferred Favorite

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Christine Brown is newly single and is exploring life on her own now. Early on in the Sister Wives series, the TLC star adopted a fondness for fitness and exercise. Today, she even sells Plexus products, a health and wellness brand.

But now, Christine sorely needs some advice from her friends and followers. Keep reading to learn a little more.

Christine Brown is on the market for a new major purchase

Although many Sister Wives fans don’t love that Christine Brown sells Plexus products, they are happy that she’s prioritizing her own health and wellness. And all her efforts are really paying off. She and her former sister wife Janelle Brown recently posted photos showing off their weight losses.

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Everyone who enjoys exercise knows how it feels when it’s time to retire their favorite exercise clothes and shoes. And sadly, it seems like Christine has reached that point.

“Isn’t it true everyone has their favorite go-to sneaker?” the TLC personality posted on Instagram. “Well, I’m looking for a new pair. What are your favorites? Tell me all the things.”

Christine Brown/Instagram

Fans had a wide variety of opinions, but most seemed to settle on either Brooks or Sketchers. Only time will tell if Christine opts to heed their advice.

But hopefully, she keeps her love of exercise and wellness alive while she hunts for new sneakers.

The internet discusses the Sister Wives star’s true breaking point

Sister Wives viewers know that Christine Brown left the family last fall. Fans that watched from the beginning know that Christine has struggled with some of the family’s decisions over the years. But what was her true breaking point?

As always, Reddit had an opinion on this topic.

“When was Christine breaking moment?” the original poster asked. “Personally I feel it was the conversation about Ysabel’s surgery.”

“Christine herself claims it was when Kody said he no longer wanted to be intimate. Kody insinuates it was when Truly was in hospital. I personally think it was Ysabel’s surgery,” a different Reddit user chimed in. “Like most people, Christine had a high tolerance for being treated like sh**. But the buck stops at her kids. Ysabel was of the age to [thoroughly] communicate the hurt she felt by her father’s absence and Christine believed her. Whereas maybe in the past she was in denial cause the kids ‘kept sweet’ for their mom and kept their hurt to themselves.”

Today, Christine lives in Utah and seems quite a bit happier. But Sister Wives fans will probably continue to debate her true breaking point for quite some time to come.

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