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‘Joe Millionaire’ Steven McBee & Callah Jackson Spark Rumors They Reunited

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Season 1 of Joe Millionaire: For Richer or Poorer premiered on Fox in January. Steven McBee and his final choice, Callah Jackson, were doing great. Then, they shockingly announced their split just after purchasing a home near Kansas City. Now, fans are wondering if the two could have possibly gotten back together. Keep reading to find out more.

Rumors soar Joe Millionaire Steven McBee and Callah Jackson are back together

In early May, Joe Millionaire Steven McBee and Callah Jackson announced they were going separate ways. The news came after the two had just purchased a home together near Kansas City. They each shared the same statement on their respective Instagram accounts.

They said they mutually decided to part. Steven and Callah also noted they tried hard to make things work between them. However, they decided it was hard enough to make a relationship work without having reality television play a part in it all.

Now, they have fans wondering if perhaps they are going to give their relationship another chance. Fans noticed that Callah and Steven have both deleted their breakup post. Does this mean they are back together?

On one spicy photo shared by Callah, a fan said she just wasn’t cut out for the farm. Callah replied saying the photo was taken at the farm. Steven liked the photo.

Calah Jackson and Steven McBee used with permission
Calah Jackson and Steven McBee used with permission

Other fans commented they hoped the two were together again. So far neither Steven nor Callah has commented. Many fans speculate that if they did reunite that they are trying to keep things private and out of the public eye.

Their relationship

Callah and Steven of course met on Joe Millionaire. Unlike The Bachelor, there was no pressure for either man to propose. Instead, they gave their final chosen one a promise ring and said they would do their best to make it work in the real world.

While the show was airing, Callah was secretly with Steven in Missouri on the farm. Soon after the finale aired the two announced they were buying a home together near Kansas City.

It seems they had barely moved in when the news of their split broke.

Many loved seeing these two together. Time will tell if all the speculation is right or not. They’ve not posted a photo together since their split.

What do you think? Is Steven McBee and Callah Jackson back together? Stay tuned for more updates as they become available.

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  1. Yeah they must be. Why would she still be in the house. Dont think she could afford it alone or want to stay in it.

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