‘Unexpected’ Recap Season 5 Episode 12- May 22


Last time on Unexpected, Kylen finally gave birth to Xavier after almost fifty hours. The hospital asked if she wanted her mom to come to be with her but she only wanted Jason. He continued to berate her for getting him kicked out. In the end, he got to watch the birth of his son, even with a bad attitude. Tyra and Alex are trying to work things out yet she also has to fix the situation with Taylor and Tiarra. As for Jenna, her whole family is getting along. Sadly, Aden is not even attempting to make it work out and she is rethinking their whole relationship.

Aden Is An Unexpected Disappointment

Jenna, her mother, and her stepmom are all doing yoga on the beach. It was something special Jenna had planned for the ladies. They are all working hard to prove they can get along for Jenna’s sake. Aden still does not want to participate in anything that is going on which hurts Jenna. She calls him a “fun sucker” and is over it. Heather notices that Jenna went from happy to angry but Matt notes this is how she gets around Aden. Matt encourages Heather to go speak to Jenna when she gets mad over little things and they are starting to get worried. She’s not one to be super open about what’s going on with her relationship and it just keeps the spiral going.


Taylor’s baby daddy, Noah went and got tested for Covid and he is positive. Luckily, she and Adelyn came back negative but this does change her birthing plan. She wanted to do a natural birth but with thyroid problems, the doctor wants to induce her. Taylor is literally doing anything she can to get this baby out naturally but it is not working. They do not really want to push back the induction since she is already overdue and it could be worse for the baby. The hope is the baby can hold off a little longer.

Tyra And Taylor’s Reconciliation

The girls are on the phone now that Taylor’s induction is coming up soon. Tyra is happy to have Taylor back simply because they did grow up super close. Now that she and Tiarra are at a distance and important moments are coming up, it is a struggle. Taylor is sharing what happened with Noah and how she had to take him to the ER because of his symptoms. Tyra is shocked about the news because she feels bad that he can’t be in the room with her. They will also have to miss Tiarra’s daughter, Ella’s third birthday. Tiarra and Dee flew in from Maryland to Kentucky for the party. It was an olive branch for Taylor to be invited with Adelyn but too much is going on for them to attend.


Tiarra invited them simply because she does not want to punish the girls. Yet she claims Noah getting Covid is karma and her mother is even happy they are not coming. She takes it personally because if you mess with her kids, you mess with her. At this point, it seems like no one is sure who will be at the party. However, the drama seems to be limited yet let’s not rule it out with Taylor’s baby on the way and Covid in the mix.

Emersyn’s Unexpected Life Change

Erica was too strict and her rules were too hard to follow so Emersyn felt it best to move in with Mason and his family. It is really hard for Erica as she feels the home is not equipped for a baby. She refers to it as Ernie’s Halfway House since Mason’s mother, Shannon is recently out of prison. Erica is not even giving Shannon another chance whereas Mason is more concerned about Emersyn’s feelings. He knows she did not want to permanently move in but then Erica was rude and harsh. She followed it up by calling Mason and saying he was never allowed over again.


Ernie and Shannon understand if she does not want Mason staying over but not being allowed over at all? That’s too much. Emersyn also does not like that if she were to return, the rules would be worse. She is eighteen and she is an adult and it is time she took a stand. It seems that Mason’s parents really do want to create a more peaceful space for Emersyn and maybe that’s what she needs. She claims she is not going back home at this point.

Mother/Daughter Bonding With Jenna And Heather

Heather can sense that something is up with Jenna and Aden and she wants to delve deeper. They go to get ice cream and it comes out that Aden does not see this as a trip. The truth is Aden did not want Jenna’s mom on the trip and she can sense it. Yet Jenna is not being outward and honest about this. It makes Heather cry because she feels like she is ruining the trip but she won’t miss out on time with her grandson because he has issues. Jenna notices she always goes out of her way to be with his family but it is not reciprocated. Heather does not think he is ideal and has tried to chase him away in the past. Now it is time for Jenna to figure out what the next step is. 


Taylor and Noah are on their way to the hospital and she is stoked to not be pregnant anymore. Noah can come as long as he is somewhat asymptomatic. She is still testing negative as of now. Noah was not there when Taylor gave birth the first time and actually had a girlfriend. This is a whole new experience for him. There is a lot of anxiety right now waiting for Taylor’s Covid results and a lot of unknowns. As it turns out, she did test positive.

An Unexpected End

Jenna takes Aden for a walk on the beach. She wants to sort out all that has transpired since they arrived on their vacation. In his mind, he works full-time so he can go on a great vacation and do what he wants. This is not what he had in mind, especially with her mom around. She asks him how he thinks she would feel if she had to go on a vacation with his family. Jenna admits that if Aden was not Luca’s dad, she would not be with him. She is trying to encourage him to be a more positive and happy person but he just shuts her down. He thinks they’ve grown while she says he has changed.


She does not know how he could not tell that she has not been happy. He says he is offended but Jenna thinks they are not compatible and he gets up and walks away declaring he is done. Aden actually leaves the trip or says he is going to while pushing Luca. She realizes she needs to be done with it all but is still so conflicted. Over with Lilly and Lawrence, they are fighting but want to plan a wedding. She says he needs to make her mad or she will get bored. Their wedding budget is 10 to 20K. She chooses a golf course and he is questioning what she is thinking.


Next week, Taylor is in the middle of giving birth while having Covid as Ella’s party goes on. Jason is still talking poorly to Kylen as they prepare to leave the hospital. Finally, Lilly is now questioning getting married. Watch Unexpected Sundays on TLC.



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