‘Unexpected’ Recap Season 5 Episode 11- May 15

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Last week on Unexpected, Jenna’s father, Matt decided to try to make peace with her mother, Heather. He knew it was time that the family attempted to work together. Kylen finally went to the hospital after there was no more the birthing center could do. The hospital highly recommended an epidural to relax Kylen. This would allow for a safe delivery but Jason was adamantly against it. Finally, she did not care what he said and got it. This led to him ultimately being removed from the hospital and calling daddy for help. Will he get back in?

Jason Is Still Fighting Over The Unexpected

Kylen is explaining to her mother, Marie what happened with Jason. She is alone in the hospital, her water just broke so her mom offers to come to be with her. Kylen only wants Jason so this hurts Marie knowing she is not enough for her daughter. Jason ran home after he got kicked out, cleaned up, and started to drive back. He is again yelling on the phone with Kylen over how getting the epidural is the sole reason he got kicked out. She said he wouldn’t even though he knew it would cause problems and he was right. Kylen also reminds him if he had calmed down, he would have been just fine. She further reminds him she was not the one who removed him from the room but rather security.


The producer asks Jason how he can be against an epidural but yet he vapes all of the time. He comes up with an excuse and then it goes back to him yelling her name into the phone. The nurse is trying to check on her but she also wants to know if he can come back in. Additionally, he wants Kylen to refuse anything from the nurse at the moment. They say he has a chance of coming back up but he was very disruptive prior. He’s just screaming into the phone at this point but Kylen maintains he has calmed down. This is false.

Tyra Is Giving The Update

She has returned from visiting Tiarra after she had her baby but there is a lot of stress.  Tyra is over the drama between her, Tiarra, and Taylor. She still has to figure out what is going on with her and Alex. He may have been let back into his home too soon but while he was away, he did get another girl pregnant. That is a big hurdle for the non-couple. Alex admits he did not know what he wanted and at the time, that was what he thought it was. He wants to prove that he loves her and she is trying to believe it. In the end, she would marry Alex if he could stay faithful. Time will tell.


Aden and Jenna are headed to the beach with her father and her stepmother, Cathy. In a twist, Jenna’s mother, Heather is coming along. Aden is not excited at all about going, especially since her mom was not a fan of his at first. Now she likes him but Jenna needs to be relaxed this weekend. Anything can happen with the whole family gathering and she wants to be prepared for absolutely anything.

The Family Gathers For An Unexpected Outcome

Marie goes to the hospital to see if Kylen needs her just in case. Unfortunately, her father was not feeling well enough to join her which is super sad. He is actually hiding his health problems from his wife but his sunshine is his grandson and that is the reason he is hanging on. In their confessional, Kylen knows that Jason was frustrated her mother showed up. She shares that the hospital asked if she wanted her mom in the room with her and she said no. Kylen maintained that she only wanted Jason but he just gets more and more frustrated.


In the parking lot, he is trying to explain what is and has been going on with Kylen but he does not know the terminology. Marie has to keep picking up words for him. She is getting infuriated that the info she is getting is via Jason and secondhand. Jason is finally allowed back in the room which Marie is grateful for. She does not want her to deliver alone and Kylen’s dad thinks she should have been there all along especially if something happens.

Ronan Family Vacay

Cheryl and Matt arrive first with the rest following. It is hard for Matt but he is determined to show Jenna that he can make things work. Cheryl is all for doing what is right but there is some tension. After all, Heather and Matt were an item at one point so Heather drives up alone. For Aden, this is not a vacation he did not plan therefore he does not see it as his and deems it “stupid.” Jenna grew up with her grandparents taking her and her whole family to the beach. Those were the best memories she ever had. Matt sees how quiet Aden has been and it is really uncomfortable. He notes it is him and Heather who are supposed to be making things awkward not Aden. Jenna shares that he can think this is all weird but can still have fun.


Tyra and Taylor are going to meet up to make up as Taylor is ready to get over all of their drama. She wants to get back on track with Tiarra and hopes Tyra can help out. It is hard because Tiarra is so far away. Tiarra thinks Taylor’s apology via social media is super fake especially as she was going in for a C-section. In the end, the girls were just fighting over a baby’s room and its design. Tyra thanks god that she is not having another baby. Taylor hopes at least she and Tyra can get their girls together but she might have to get induced due to her thyroid and such. Anything is possible.

Aden’s Unexpected Behavior

Everyone is downstairs, getting acclimated to the beach home. Yet Aden is upstairs not socializing with anyone. They keep calling him but he does not want to be a part of anything. Jenna admits she had thought about moving out and getting a job but didn’t. She wanted to give the relationship one last shot. Now, she is seeing how selfish Aden truly is. Jenna asks her family if they want to go sit outside and they are laughing and joking together. Heather believes that it was Luca who helped to bring them all to this place.


Kylen has been in labor for forty-seven hours and her dad is on the phone with her mom, worried sick about her. In the room, Jason can be heard talking about how selfish she is. At 11:01 pm, Marie gets a message that Xavier had arrived. She calls Kylen’s dad and he is so grateful but fears he will miss the moments because of Jason. There were some issues with his head coming out but he arrived and Kylen feels so grateful for Xavier Tanner Mike Korpi. Though Jason was happy to have his baby there, he was still mad about the epidural.

He knows there’s never a true time to be ready, it is time for him to grow up. Jason wants to give his son everything he did not get. Next time, Taylor is in labor but might have Covid while giving birth. Erica is concerned over Emersyn’s living conditions while Jenna makes a big choice with Aden. Lastly, Lilly and Lawrence may not be able to make a wedding work. Watch it all happen when Unexpected airs Sundays on TLC.




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