‘Unexpected’: Mason’s Mother Was A Teen Mom Too?

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Emersyn Potter is struggling a lot with her mother Erica this season on Unexpected. It has forced Emersyn to go live with her boyfriend, Mason, and his family. Erica is not a fan of Mason’s family, especially his mother Shannon who has had her battles in the past. Now Reddit is going crazy after discovering she was also a teen mother.

Emersyn Can’t Handle Her Mom On Unexpected

Erica was stunned when she learned her daughter was expecting her first baby at just eighteen. At the same time, she was pregnant with her sixth child so it was quite the coincidence. Emersyn’s boyfriend, Mason was allowed to stay over but he had to sleep on the couch. Once their baby, Mateo was born, Emersyn wanted Mason to stay in her bed. Plus, it was easier for her as a new parent. Erica and her husband Sai still said no. Therefore, the two teens snuck into bed together but got caught. Mason was thrown out of the home so Emersyn and Mateo went with him.


His father Ernie picked them all up which Erica did not appreciate. She really does not care for Mason’s mother, Shannon. She had been locked up and takes some responsibility for the pregnancy. Due to this, Erica fears for her daughter but Emersyn feels much better being out of her home. It seems she can also relate to Shannon as she had a baby when she was only fifteen years old. Yet was it Mason? A Reddit thread was started to answer this question and express a lot of feelings.

Two Teen Moms?

Shannon was quite open very early on about her past. She explained that she had been in jail for drugs for three years. Additionally, she and Mason talked about how she had her first child at fifteen. Had she not been in prison, she would have talked to Mason and Emersyn about protection. Ernie and Erica did not discuss things properly in her opinion. According to Reddit, someone tried to claim Mason was her teen son thus making Ernie a predator. This is actually false. His half-brother was the one she had at fifteen. “She has an older son that she had in her teens – not with Mason’s dad. She had Mason when she was in her late 20s early 30s,” one Redditor clarified.


“This has been talked about before. The child Mason’s mom had at 15 is not fathered by Mason’s dad. ETA: It is Mason’s half brother,” another added. The most important part of the story is that Shannon is truly a relatable character on the show for Emersyn. She wants to take the lessons she learned and pass them down. There was also a lot she admits she missed and is, again, trying to impart. One thing that should be added is fans were grateful the topic had been shifted from Jason and Kylen for a second.

Did you remember that Mason’s mom had been a teen when she had his brother? Let us know and watch Unexpected Sundays on TLC.


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