‘Unexpected’: Jenna And Aden Still Together?

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Season 5 of Unexpected has been quite interesting for the newbies and those who are returning for another go-round. Jenna Ronan is currently in her second season and it has been less than easy. Yet she has seemingly been willing to do whatever it takes to make her relationship with Aden Albright work. Though not an easy feat, where do the high school loves currently stand?

Aden And Jenna’s Unexpected Life Change

Viewers first met Jenna and Aden in Season 4 of the series. As a high school couple, they were just enjoying being teenagers in love. Never once did it occur to them that they would end up pregnant. Of course, Jenna knew how babies were made and wanted to be cautious when the two were intimate. However, Aden did not care for protection so he fed his girlfriend some lies. He claimed that men ovulated just like girls did therefore there was no way she could possibly get pregnant with this system. Somehow, she fell for his story, went with it, and quickly learned what he had said to her was not exactly the truth.

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Jenna soon discovered she was expecting her first child, a baby boy. Despite being a teenager and not in the most stable relationship, she knew she was not giving up on love with Aden. For her, there was no other option. Mainly because she had grown up in a broken home and did not want to see history repeat itself for her baby. Luca was eventually born and, along with Aden, the two have done their best to keep their relationship intact. Yet, where do they currently stand, two seasons in?

Moving On?

The two spent a lot of time celebrating birthdays, special events, and holidays. Unfortunately, as of December 2021, Jenna and Aden had amicably called it quits. Jenna broke the news on her Instagram sharing that she and Luca had moved into their own place. She did add that she and her ex were around each other daily but looked forward to what was to come. Additionally, Jenna is doing all she can to improve her life in a bevy of ways. She recently underwent breast surgery explaining she breastfed on just one side. Now she is even and feels so much better. Plus, she has no plans for more kids for around a decade so it was the perfect decision.

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Viewers asked who was watching Luca while she recovered and it was not Aden but rather her mother. She also just got herself a new Mazda which she could not help but celebrate on social media. Fans are in complete support of her staying away from Aden, saying: “Aden should be more respectful and considerate of you!” Another added: “Becoming more independent is a wonderful feeling!!!” It has only been five months so only time will tell if the split is permanent. Finally, Jenna is clearly glowing and living her best life.

Do you think Jenna and Aden are done for good? Let us know and watch Unexpected Sundays on TLC.



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