Winter Everett Unrecognizable In Weight Loss, Chantel In Her Dust?

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Winter Everett spent a long time feeling less than stellar about her body. She even contemplated weight loss surgery when her sister Chantel made some comments. Now, she is showing how fierce she is as her health journey continues.

Winter Everett’s Road To Loving Herself

It has not always been easy for Winter and how could it be? Her older sister, Chantel is a smoke show, tall and gorgeous. Of course, Winter is beautiful but there were times when her sister contributed to her complex. She had come to a point where she had lost fifty pounds which should have helped her self-esteem greatly. Yet she confessed to Chantel that she was still contemplating weight loss surgery. Instead of telling her sister that she was fine as is, Chantel was convinced Winter need to work out more.


She believed that Chantel just did not like having a “fat sister” but ultimately, she started to see the beauty within herself. Winter posted more sophisticated photos of herself with sleek hair and glasses. Eventually, those photos evolved into sexier ones where she had lighter hair, was wearing dresses and had a radiating smile. Her happiness and positivity were contagious and now, ahead of The Family Chantel premiere, Winter is back and better than ever.

Outshining The Negativity

A preview for the fourth season of Chantel’s series just premiered and it looks tragic. Usually, the focus of the previews was always on Winter Everett’s brother-in-law Pedro Jimeno’s possible cheating. His family was always interfering and fights needed to be broken up. This time around, it is questionable if Chantel and Pedro can even make it through the whole season as man and wife. Coming on the heels of the sneak peek of the new season, Winter is making it all about her. She is showing the world who is boss by posting a super cute but motivating video of herself working out.

Dressed in the Buffbunny Collection of workout gear, Winter posted a TikTok video to her Instagram. She is showing what she does to keep herself in shape and on her weight loss journey. Winter seems happy and body-positive while also very healthy and relatable which is extremely important. Her followers were really excited to see her, as well. “Loving this confidence!! Longtime fan!! Love seeing this side of you!! It was always there!! Thanks for sharing!!!”

What do you think of the evolution of Winter? Let us know and watch The Family Chantel when it returns on June 6th to TLC.

Amanda Nowitz

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