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Winter Everett Is A New Woman, Blonde & Dropping Lbs

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Winter Everett has been taking her life into her own hands. After The Family Chantel star felt she was not thin enough for her sister, she wanted to change. She approached Chantel about different options but was met with insensitivity. Fast forward and Winter is truly becoming the woman she has wanted to be, inside and out.

Winter Everett’s Evolution

It is not easy when your sister is this modelesque bombshell. Chantel Everett was both beautiful and smart when she appeared alongside Pedro Jimeno on 90 Day Fiance. Enter her sister, Winter. She was bubbly and fun yet never quite felt secure when it came to being around Chantel. Winter desperately wanted to lose weight. Even after losing fifty pounds, she confessed she was considering weight loss surgery.

The Family Chantel Credit: Winter Everett IG
Credit: Winter Everett IG

To Chantel, all Winter needed to do was simply go to the gym more. However, it was not that easy as Winter believed Chantel hated having a “fat sister.” Ultimately, Winter started to realize she was just as beautiful as Chantel right in the skin she was in. She took to Instagram to post a more sophisticated selfie. Her usually curly hair had been straightened and she was wearing caramel glasses, showcasing a mature version. The caption was simply: “Feeling good!”

The Family Chantel - Winter Looks Amazing
Credit: winterckyler | Instagram

She followed that up in September with a major slimdown posing in workout wear. Her body confidence clearly was soaring. Moreso, followers rallied to show support and soon, she was celebrating her birthday with lighter locks and a tiara. Now, Winter is lighter all around and fans are loving it.

Lighter, Brighter, and Feeling Good

Season 3 of The Family Chantel is well underway but Winter Everett is making waves on her own. By late October, she was progressively getting blonder. She has also started to experiment with wigs, including lighter shades of blonde and purple while showcasing herself working out. Her message to Instagram followers is always to remind her followers they are powerful.

Credit: Winter Everett IG
Credit: Winter Everett IG

One follower shared: “get it, girl!! I’m inspired by you to keep going.” This must mean a lot to Winter who has faced her struggles head-on in the public sphere. She has also posted a video of her playing music with her brother, River. Yet, the best was a compilation she put together of all she has done and how far she’s come to the song I Am Woman. Above all, it highlights her transformation and the fans were here for it.

Winter Everett Credit: Winter Everett IG
Credit: Winter Everett IG

“Winter is coming for EVERYTHING the naysayers said she couldn’t have, & I’m here for it,” one commented. “You are beautiful! Your fashion sense is amazing. Keep up on your journey to become who you choose to be,” another added. Everyone is noticed she has taken control of her body and her life. Finally and most importantly, she is no longer sitting in her sister’s shadow, Winter Everett is shining as she steps out.

Don’t miss her transformation on The Family Chantel airs Mondays on TLC.

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