Ashley Graham Gets Mom-Shamed Over Tandem Feeding Photos?

On Thursday, American plus-size model Ashley Graham shared an intimate at-home photo of herself and her three-month-old twin boys, Roman and Malachi. While many of the celeb’s fans were in awe of the photo, sending compliments and praise her way, many stopped on her post to share hate and negativity. What is Ashley being mom-shamed for? Read on to find out why not all of Ashley Graham’s followers were in love with her social media post.

Ashley Graham Gets Trolled Over Tandem Feeding Photos

In an Instagram post earlier this week, Ashley Graham shared a photo of herself tandem breastfeeding her 3-month-old boys. As a protective parent, Ashley made sure her children’s faces weren’t showing in the shot. While the children are clearly being fed – there is nothing being shown that MOST people would consider explicit.

In the snap, Ashley lounges on her bed, leaning to one side and positioned carefully over her babes so they can reach and access what they need. Graham looks comfortable and at home, wearing just a loose tank top and no makeup with her hair pulled back out of her face. The boys seem happy and content in mom’s presence, both dressed in cozy footed pajamas for bed.

In the comment section, Ashley’s fans sang her praises complimenting her mothering. Many encouraged her to ‘keep up the good work.’ Others acknowledged that they knew how rough tandem feeding can be on a mom’s back. Some even provided advice for better, more comfortable feeding positions. Unfortunately, not everyone had positive things to say about the photo.

For every heartwarming comment she receives – Ashley gets just as many negative comments from those looking to stir drama.

“Sorry but I had the decency to cover myself when I breastfed my daughters,” one user wrote, “her whole thing posing naked and crap while pregnant and now this is just too much no one wants to see that.”

“I don’t think women need to hide breastfeeding,” wrote another, “but I also don’t think they need to flaunt it and post it on social media. Why?”

There were also a number of users whose comments teetered on seething. They seemed angry that Ashley’s fans would praise such a ‘disgusting’ photo. Others criticized the celeb for sharing with the world what “should only be for her husband.”

Ashley And The Trolls Have A Long History

While mom-shaming is no walk in the part for any new mother, Ashley is no novice when it comes to dealing with ignorant internet users. In fact, The body-positive model has been a popular target for trolls for a number of years — but especially during both her pregnancies.

Ashley Gram gets trolled on Instagram over Tandem Feeding Photos
Photo Credit Instagram

Ashley has been dealing with trolls since long before the tandem photo controversy. As a plus-size model, Graham has made it her mission to let all women know their bodies are beautiful. The sentiment surely did not change during her pregnancy. The celeb is known for her bold pregnancy photos. Many of the photos were sans clothing. Unfortunately, her brazen demeanor and boldness in regards to showing off her own body have really left a nasty taste in many people’s mouths.

Fortunately for her fans and those who relate to her message, the negative commentary has not affected her posting style in the least. In fact, she never responds to negative comments. She also does not try to hide or delete them. Regardless of who takes issue, Ashley continues to post and share her mothering journey with the world.

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