’90 Day Fiance’ Steven Frend Put On Blast For Leaving Pregnant Olga?


9o Day Fiance star Steven Frend is under fire. His wife, Olga Koshimbetova is currently expecting the couple’s second child. Yet that has not stopped Steven from apparently living his best life. Now his followers are coming at him over this and he is clapping back.

Steven’s 90 Day Fiance Journey

Viewers first met Steven in Season 6 of the series. He was just twenty years old when he met his Russian love, Olga. At the time, she was spending the summer in America while he was working in Ocean City. The duo began dating but right as Olga was preparing to return home, they made a discovery. She was expecting their first child together. Luckily, Steven was able to be there for the birth of his son, Alex. Shortly thereafter, they started the process for Olga to come to America. It did not take them very long to tie the knot and it appeared they were quite happy with their new lives. Then, in a twist, they announced their marriage was over.


The two separated briefly but ended up back together and eventually made their way back together. It was soon shared they had moved from Maryland to New York but there was more. The couple was expecting their second child together. Back in March, Steven had this to say: “She’s currently 10 weeks, gender is unknown. It was not expected, it threw us off completely. As you see, we just made a huge move from Maryland to Brooklyn, New York. So, it wasn’t expected but gratefully, I have a great job that pays amazing so with having a new kid on the way I’m at no worries, Olga can take time for a few months when the baby is born.” This is all so amazing but has he gone and dropped the ball?

What Is Steven Doing?

The other day, Steven was out celebrating a friend’s thirtieth birthday party. He was having a great time as seen in the Instagram photos he posted. However, his wife was nowhere to be seen. Followers did not appreciate the fact that he would go out and party in New York while Olga was home and pregnant.


One follower said: “Dad of the year. Constantly going to parties by yourself while your wife is home alone with a toddler pregnant and mostly needs help. You can block me now.” Steven did not take the comment laying down. He responded by saying: “She’s actually going on a 2 month vacation. thanks for your input, dad of the year.” The back and forth has since been deleted but it is clear Steven did not like being called out.


Others did like seeing him have a good time: “U look amazing 😉 Enjoy the moment, enjoy life!” As long as Olga is okay with what is going on, who is anyone to judge what they choose to do? Hopefully, she enjoys her respite away.

Do you think Steven should have been out or do you think it’s perfectly okay for couples to do things apart? Let us know and watch 90 Day Fiance Sundays on TLC.

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