‘Unexpected’ Season 5 Episode 10 Recap- May 8

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Last time on Unexpected, Kylen went into labor and headed to have her home birth. Unfortunately, Jason dictated all of the moves so nothing went as planned. He even ate while she sat in the tub suffering. The midwives finally suggested they head to the hospital but he did not feel like she was in labor until her water broke. She maintained they go there or she was going on her own. As for Emersyn, she had left with Mason and Mateo but returned. She received a long lecture from her mother but it seems they just cannot see eye to eye. Mason just wants his baby and girlfriend to be in a stress-free environment.

Tiarra finally got to come home after having her second baby while Lilly is over Lawrence. She feels he does not appreciate her being a SAHM. Lawrence seemingly believes she is lazy. This week, Jason and Kylen disagree about an epidural but who will win the battle? Find out when the new episode starts now.

Kylen And Jason’s Unexpected Birth Plan Change

It’s been twenty-five hours of labor and now Kylen needs to be at the hospital against Jason’s better judgment. They refused everything at the birthing center so this is where they are at. Jason thinks doctors, nurses, and midwives suck because they don’t care about him and only Kylen. At this point, Kylen is at the hospital for maternal exhaustion so they want her to get an epidural so she can get some sleep. Unfortunately, Jason does not like when plans change. He tells her to either eat or give birth. The nurse tells Jason it is Kylen’s choice and her body plus there is no way she will be able to do this for another twelve hours.


He thinks the baby will be born addicted to drugs based on the epidural. The hospital has never seen a father so reluctant to let their partner get an epidural. Even his cousin, Lizzy agrees with the hospital as Kylen is screaming in pain. Finally, Kylen says she is getting the epidural and does not care what he says. She has been listening to him all along and now is her chance to finally speak up. Now whether or not this actually happens is yet to be seen.

Emersyn Versus Erica, Lilly On Her Own

When Emersyn returned home, Erica lashed out at her daughter. This shocked Emersyn because she felt that her mom went over the top. She has preconceived notions about Mason and she wants Mateo to be with his father. At this point, the only option for Emersyn is to move in with Mason and his family. However, she had been hopeful she could bond with her mother since Erica had given birth just a few months prior to Emersyn. They could have had a nice moment together and leaned on one another but that has not happened.


Lilly is still adjusting living on her own with Lawrence. It has been quite difficult so she is talking with her mom, Kim who is asking about a budget. She offers to come help her out and notices that Lilly is super tired. Kim wishes she lived closer so she could help out more and then asks about getting married. Right now, a wedding is not in the budget which makes Kim happy but Lilly mentions a courthouse wedding. Kim brings up the possibility of divorce and Lilly is not happy with that.

Jenna And Her Father Address Unexpected Family Issues

Every summer, Jenna and her father Matt go to the beach but they were not getting along last year. She is super grateful they can go this year. He mentions connecting with Aden because he does think he is a good provider. It would give Jenna a break which she needs at the moment. Matt admits they are a better example for Luca than he and Jenna’s mom were for Jenna as a child. Then he shares that he might reach out to Jenna’s mother. It is time that they attempt to get along, they cannot change the past but make a better future. Jenna is skeptical but Matt is determined to show her co-parenting can happen.


Emersyn is officially leaving her home and moving in with Mason. She will stay there until she and Mason get their own place. Her mother and Sai are reluctantly driving her there. They believe this is a bad situation for Emersyn and Mateo. Erica does understand she may have handled things wrong. Yet she never thought that Emersyn would have moved out. Emersyn maintains she does not feel unsafe with Mason’s family. Furthermore, she knows Mason’s mother much better than the things Erica has heard and feels comfortable with her decision. Erica says seeing her daughter walk into Mason’s home was her worse nightmare.

Family Meetup For Jenna’s Family

Matt has called Jenna’s mom, Heather but it is worrisome. Jenna wants to eliminate a toxic situation for her son so everyone can move forward. She puts money on her parents fighting but they meet for coffee. Heather admits she does not want Jenna to feel like she has to stay with Aden out of obligation. They agree they need to move forward for the family while Heather says it feels good not hate him as much. As for Kylen, she wants the epidural so Jason won’t even come near her. He thinks she did the absolute worst thing ever and says he does not consent for it to go into his son.


They remind him that it’s her body and since the baby is in her body, he has no claim to it right then. It continues with them telling her he is interfering with her care. Therefore, they will have to ask him to leave. She maintains he is her only source of support but the hospital disputes this. Security arrives and they ask him to pack his stuff. He asks to give her a kiss and says he will be outside of the room. They tell him he will be leaving the building. He calls his father who says he thought he would wake up but he just hasn’t. His mother maintains that if he thought the baby would be harmed, it makes sense he flipped. Jason blames Kylen for being thrown out because she made the choice. That’s where it ends.

Next time, Jenna’s whole family goes on vacation together while Jason struggles with not being there for the birth of Xavier. Watch Unexpected Sundays on TLC.

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