‘Unexpected’: Lilly Bennett Generalizes Men, Crucified By Fans

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Unexpected fans have watched as Lilly Bennett navigates life as a SAHM. This has caused a bevy of issues with her fiance Lawrence Bishop. He feels she could be doing more around the house and is being lazy. Now she is coming for all men and viewers are not taking too kindly to what she had to say.

Lilly Bennett Returns To Unexpected

After taking a hiatus from the series, Lilly came back to the series in season 4 with a new man, Lawrence. The two seemed very much in love and she had her little girl, Aaliyah in tow. Additionally, they had some big news. They were expecting their first child together and could not wait to start the journey. Yes, Lawrence was nervous but he was also excited. Right before their baby boy, Lawrence was born in November 2020, another big moment was about to occur. Lawrence proposed to Lilly about a month prior to their baby boy making his entrance into the world. The couple returned for Season 5 but with many changes ahead.


Lilly was preparing to move in with Lawrence after living with her mother for a very long time. Unfortunately, this was not the easiest transition. While Lawrence worked, Lilly was at home with their two children. Yet when he returned, he would get extremely frustrated that the house did not look the way he wanted it to. He felt that she had ample time to straighten up but just didn’t. Fans started to notice his behavior and even took exception to it. It is hard to be a stay-at-home mother but with a supportive partner, there’s a healthy balance. Now, Lilly has made a video about men that has her catching a lot of heat.

All Men Are The Same?

In a reel posted to TLC’s Instagram, Lilly is seen generalizing men. She claims that they get to go to work, clock out, come home, eat, and their day is essentially over. As for someone like her who is with her kids all day, she feels her job is 24/7 and never stops. Fans did not take kindly to what she had to say, mainly because she was claiming all men were the same. “Ehhhh, you’re more describing your “little boy” of a man. Not fair to lump “men” into that bad behavior. My husband is an amazing father and helper to me. He is a man. The fathers on this show are little boys. Big difference,” one commented.


Another added: “Don’t generalize all men darling! I’ve seen some amazing men who takes over while maintaining a full time job! Your judgement on little boys is just bad!” Some feel she should have thought this all through before she had a second child. They also do not feel it is fair she is generalizing men based on her experience. It seems she just needs to learn to find a happy medium with Lawrence to understand all men are not the same.

Do you think it was right for Lilly to generalize men? Let us know in the comments and watch Unexpected Sundays on TLC.

Amanda Nowitz

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