Chris Harrison ‘Loves Love’ – Is He Starting A New Dating Show?

Chris Harrison, Instagram

There’s no denying Chris Harrison made watching The Bachelor enjoyable. His charismatic hosting and ability to help the leads through the more difficult times are unmatched. He was especially enjoyable when he had to be more involved in the dates during the pandemic. Fans wish him well and they are getting used to the new permanent host Jesse Palmer.

Fans want Chris to do something else, and if that happens to be another show like The Bachelor where he helps people find love, they’ll watch it.

Chris Harrison, Instagram
Chris Harrison, Instagram

He got fans hoping for some kind of new show with a post on Instagram recently. He showed up at the Bryson DeChambeau Foundation Charity with Tyler Cameron and DeChambeau. Harrison shared a picture of himself between the two gentlemen. Chris captioned the picture, “Helping one of these guys with their golf swing and helping the other find love…you decide which is which.” Since Bryson is a golf champion, fans were leaning towards Tyler being the one getting golf help. Cameron confirmed by saying he was the one who needed the help with golf.

Chris Harrison Commented More About Love

Chris Harrison got a lot of comments from the charity post. Tayshia Adams commented that it was cute. According to Heavy, Chris responded by saying, “Haven’t forgotten about helping you find love…again too my friend.”

Fans think this is a sign he’s gearing up to host another match-making show on another network. One fan said, “Chris we need a new Dating show badly .. the other one has lost its way.” When another fan asked if he was still in the “love business,” he responded that he, “loves love.”

He hasn’t said anything about the rumors. It’s all speculation at this point.

More Fans Want To See Him Hosting Another Dating Show

A new Chris Harrison love show is in high demand if fans believe social media. There are a lot of dating shows that do quite well. Netflix hit gold with Love is Blind and The Ultimatum. Hulu allows you to stream Love Island. It stands to reason there is a demand for match-making shows out there.

Chris Harrison, Instagram
Chris Harrison, Instagram

One fan begged Chris, “Hope this is a new show coming, ahhh need you back on TV.” Another said, “Bachelor Nation is NOT the same without you! Just cannot watch the show anymore!” A lot of fans shared the same sentiment. They said they’ve not watched the show since he left.

Would you watch a new dating show if Chris Harrison hosted it? Read more about Harrison’s exit from the franchise here. Do you think he’s done with hosting and is just ready to settle down? Comment with your thoughts below.

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  1. Chris Harrison was a very good host. He’s apologized over and over for his mistake. I would love to see him host another reality show.

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