Tyler Cameron Turned Down ‘The Bachelor,’ Why?

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Fans of The Bachelorette and The Bachelor love Tyler Cameron. He captured viewers’ hearts during Hannah Brown’s season of The Bachelorette. For the longest time, fans hoped these two would rekindle their romance post-show. They didn’t. Hannah is happy in a relationship and Tyler remains single. However, it seems he did have another reality tv opportunity that he turned down. Why would he do that? Keep reading to find out more.

Why did Tyler Cameron turn down The Bachelor?

Cosmopolitan shared why Tyler Cameron would turn down the role of a lifetime and the chance to find love again. Tyler himself hasn’t exactly addressed the situation personally. However, fellow Bachelor Nation friend Mike Johnson gave fans the scoop on the @ShesAllBach podcast this week.

It seems producers did want Tyler to be the lead on The Bachelor. However, according to Mike, Tyler didn’t want it. He turned them down.

Mike said, “Tyler didn’t want it.” He continued, “He was like, ‘I’m good bruh. I got more followers than any other Bachelor will get, I don’t need the money that you give me to be The Bachelor, I don’t want my life… to look like that.’ So I don’t blame him.”

Fans also wanted to see Mike Johnson as the lead. That has yet to happen either. Mike himself said there are both pros and cons to being The Bachelor. He said everyone wants to find love. However, “everyone and they momma are going to say something about you.”

Credit: Tyler Cameron/Instagram
Credit: Tyler Cameron/Instagram

Mike was also asked if he thought Tyler would have been The Bachelor over Peter Weber if he’d agreed. He said, “Absolutely, he’s Tyler.”

Most fans agreed that Tyler really doesn’t need the show anyway. He has no trouble finding ladies to date.

The latest rumors

The most recent rumor surrounding Tyler was his steamy photoshoot with Kristin Cavallari. Fans were convinced these two were dating and if they weren’t they should start asap.

However, both Kristin and Tyler confirmed they are just friends. In fact, Kristin even admitted that she hired Tyler knowing it would get publicity due to his popularity and the rumors they knew would start.

Kristin has raved about Tyler calling him one of the sweetest guys on the planet. Tyler has had nothing but nice things to say about her as well.

However, Tyler recently confirmed he is 100% single.

What do you think about Tyler turning down the chance to be The Bachelor?


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