Julie Chrisley Like Fans Have Never Seen Her Before

Julie Chrisley

Julie Chrisley left fans in absolute shock after appearing in her daughter’s latest social media post. Savannah Chrisley posted a lengthy video on the platform on Wednesday promoting the newest product in her Sassy By Savannah makeup line. Her mom jumped in to help. Unexpectedly, fans ended up with an eyeful of Julie Chrisley like they’ve never seen her before. Why did fans leave the post with their jaws on the floor? Read on to get the unconcealed details.

Julie Chrisley An Angel?  

Last November, Savannah Chrisley launched her beauty line Sassy By SavannahShe promotes her products to fans on the regular via her Instagram page.

The young fashionista’s viewers have become accustomed to seeing her show off her newest products. Savannah regularly posts short clips of herself using the products and telling people what is special about the individual products in her line.

This week, the 24-year-old reality personality excitedly announced the latest addition to her beauty line — a gorgeous eye-shadow palette.

In a post from earlier in the week, Sav announced the launch of the new palette, telling followers that her mom was an essential component to its creation,

“Creating the Essential Eye and Face Palette with my mom was a dream come true. She’s a real life angel,” she said, gushing about her mother.

Photo Credit: Instagram

Julie and Savannah Get Sassy

In her latest post, Savannah shared a lengthy video demonstrating the use and quality of her latest eye palette. Julie Chrisley joined her daughter on camera, opting to be her guinea pig.

Fans typically see Julie glamorized and well-kempt. Her hair is always coifed and bouncy and her face always made up. That however, was not the case today.

Fans were absolutely shocked when the video started and Todd Chrisley’s wife appeared on screen with giant curlers in her hair and zero makeup on. Viewers found her nearly unrecognizable.

Photo Credit: Instagram

During the video, Savannah used her products to beat her mom’s face into a form Chrisley fans were used to seeing. And, by the end – she looked toned, bronzed and glamourous with the help of a lot of makeup.

What Fans Had To Say

Savannah’s followers certainly were not shy about leaving their honest comments in the video. While there was some negativity, most viewers were impressed with Julie’s young, healthy-looking skin.

“Wow, your mom is beautiful,” mused one user.

“This is what you’re going to look like in 30 years, Savannah,” said another.

You BOTH are not only so beautiful, but such amazing role models,” said a third. 

Unfortunately, not everyone enjoyed Julie’s fresh-faced look. One commenter – who has a nasty habit of trolling Savannah’s posts – left a comment regarding Julie that many found super rude.

“You look so much better without makeup.” The troll commented without giving any context to the insult.

Oddly enough, the troll seemingly has this same opinion of Savannah. The user often leaves this exact comment on her videos – especially if she puts on makeup or is doing a skin care routine.

We’re you shocked by Julie Chrisley’s bare face and undone hair? Tell us in the comments!

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