Savannah Chrisley: ‘Just A Thing Of Beauty’

Savannah Chrisley shocked fans on Instagram when she shared a super revealing video clip with fans. Brazen and bare, this Chrisley was showing off her tanned assets to her followers, and showing them a side of her many have never seen. What was this ‘sassy’ celeb up to? Read on to get the details.

Savannah Chrisley Goes Bare On The Gram

On Tuesday, USA reality celeb and beauty entrepreneur Savannah Chrisley posted a short video on Instagram that is really getting her followers’ attention. In her clip, the television personality appears in front of a mirror completely bare. Bare-faced, that is. Yep, the 24-year-old beauty mogul gave her fans an intimate look at her getting ready process.

The clip features Todd Chrisley’s daughter wearing a plain white t-shirt. She is sporting freshly washed hair and has zero makeup on. Fresh-faced and smiling, the Danger Twins’ track “Thing of Beauty” plays in the background.

Fans watched as the young Chrisley began her lip care method – showing her viewers step by step how to get her signature blushing nude tinted pout.

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Savannah Shows Off Her Luscious Thick Lips On Camera

In Savannah’s video, while she is showing people how she gets her signature nude-colored pout, she is also shamelessly plugging in one of her latest products. Savannah fans may remember that back in November of 2021, the celeb launched her new beauty brand, Sassy by Savannah. It seems this youthful influencer was inspired by her own tastes when creating her line.

In this post, Savannah is using her new lip kit set, which she has named the ‘Love Your Lips Kit.’ In her vid, she is using her signature Sassy shade, Nashville Nights. The product promo goes through her using a moisturizing balm before delicately applying her liner and matching lipstick. She then tops it off with a pop of color using her Heartbreaker Tinted Balm.

The end result is Savannah with a full face of flawless, natural-looking makeup, complete with a lush, full nude-colored lip.

Fans Beg Sav to Restock

Fans were in awe over Savannah’s lip transformation. A scroll through the comments reveals that Savannah’s followers are absolutely loving the product concept — and apparently it’s not available at the moment.

Fans coming across the post were massively disappointed when they found out the kit was completely sold out online.  This, of course, only made it more appealing to those who couldn’t run off and buy it – which left many begging their favorite influencer to stock more of the kit so they could get in on the fun.

Unfortunately for Savannah, not everyone was in love with the look. In fact, many followers took the opportunity to throw shade at the young fashionista – letting her know that they think she looked better with what they call, “her old face,” essentially alluding to the fact that they think she’s had work done.

Do you think Savannah Chrisley looked better with her ‘old face’? Tell us in the comments!

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