Chase Chrisley Breaks Sassy Sister Savannah’s Bubble

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Chase Chrisley lives to burst his sister’s bubble. What brother doesn’t? A recent fiery post from Savannah got quite a bit of attention from her followers. Commenters were quick to tell Savannah she was spoiled. However, her brother Chase decided to show the sassy glamor girl in a different light.

Read on to get a look at the video he posted on Instagram.

Savannah’s Instagram Post Gets Attention For Being Negative

Savannah Chrisley recently shared a photo of herself on a private jet, Chanel sneakers kicked up. The glamor of the shot is something most of her followers would love to experience. She sported a black turtleneck, grey sweatpants, gold accessories, and Chanel high-top sneakers. Despite being flown around in a private jet with expensive accessories, Savannah shared she’s been having some toxic thoughts recently.

Why Is Savannah Chrisley So Negative In Latest Post? [Credit: YouTube]

In the post caption, she stated, “Couldn’t come up with any captions that weren’t toxic…might as well keep my mouth shut 🤷🏼‍♀️.” She followed the statement with the hashtag #ifonlyicouldsaywhatimthinking. She struggled not to say something negative, despite being on a private jet headed to vacation.

Credit: Instagram/Savannah Chrisley

Of course, fans rushed to the comments to compliment her Chanel hightops and overall look. After all, she is iconic. Others praised her for showing restraint in not sharing her negative thoughts. “Now that’s an old lesson that needs to be reintroduced!😍”

Then a few followers jumped in with a reality check, calling her privileged. One commenter pointed out, “Traveling private. I’d be grateful…” Another just said, “The privilege.” While she didn’t share her negative thoughts, Savannah still faced some backlash. Her brother posted a video of her to his Instagram Story shortly after her glam shot on the jet. It showed a completely different side of her though.

Chase Chrisley - Instagram/Savannah Chrisley

Chase Chrisley Bursts Savannah’s Bubble With His Post

Surrounded by luxury and admittedly feeling a little “toxic,” Savannah checked out of social media for a little while after her post. As it turns out, she posted her sassy photo and then took a nap. Her brother, Chase, posted a video to his own social media channels.

The glamor queen is seen in the same outfit, covered with a blanket and leaning against a pillow on the window. His short video gave followers a view of Savannah from a different perspective. Here is the video he posted.

Credit: Chase Chrisley/Instagram Stories

At the end of the day, Savannah and Chase Chrisley are just people. They’ve found themselves in the spotlight and they are wealthy, but they have negative thoughts and bad days just like anyone else. Her brother’s video shows that. What do you think about Savannah’s recent negative thoughts? Should she just be happy about being on vacation?

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