‘TOWIE’ Bloody Incident Leaves Chloe Brockett’s Future Uncertain

TOWIE stars Ella Mae Wise and Chloe Brockett's

TOWIE fans are reeling after news of a nightclub brawl threatening Chloe Brockett’s future on the show. Meanwhile, what will happen with her target in the brawl, former cast member Ella Rae Wise? Read on to find out more about the incident at the W London Hotel that left a woman bleeding.

TOWIE star Chloe Brockett’s future in question?

After the TOWIE star threw an ice bucket at her co-star Ella Rae Wise, her future with the show is now in question. The incident happened in a nightclub brawl at London’s W Hotel, where Wise wasn’t injured, but another woman was left bleeding. Chloe Brockett’s future could be hanging by a thread after she was quizzed by London police and is currently under investigation.

TOWIE stars Ella Mae Wise and Chloe Brockett's
Ella Mae Wise and Chloe Brockett [Images @ellaraewisex / @chloebrockett/Instagram]
Brockett, 21, attacked Wise, 21, following an argument at the W London Hotel. According to a source, ITV has to take violence very seriously. In fact, the channel cannot be seen to condone Chloe Brockett’s actions by bringing her back to the show. The source said that ITV will be looking into the matter in great detail.

The Sun quotes the source as saying that at the moment, it isn’t looking good for Chloe. However, they did add that Brockett is very popular with viewers and brings a lot of fireworks to the show. According to the source, if she was let go, it would be a major loss to the series.

Ella Mae Wise offered a full-time return to the show

While Brockett’s future is in question, it seems that Ella has been offered a full-time return to TOWIE. Fans may remember that she was axed during last year’s mass cull of cast members. The source said that ITV bosses realize they made a big mistake by axing Ella. They now wish to strip the show back and focus on fewer cast members, while realizing that Ella was a big loss.

TOWIE star Ella Mae Wise
Ella Mae Wise [Image @ellaraewisex/Instagram]
The TOWIE source noted that the show brought Ella back for the Christmas special, but has now offered her a full-time gig on the series. They noted that whether or not Chloe comes back, ITV is confident that Ella will be of great value. In fact, they said she will make the new season “unmissable viewing.”

New season of TOWIE

While the show has been off the air since the Christmas special, filming is set to begin for the new season in June. Meanwhile, a spokesperson for TOWIE noted that casting for the upcoming season has yet to be confirmed.

More about the fight

The incident occurred during the early hours of Saturday morning at the Perception Bar at W London Hotel. It was reported that Chloe threw an ice bucket at Ella during a furious row. However, it seems her accuracy was off and the bucket missed Ella while hitting another woman in the face. The reality TV star was on a boozy night out when she started to argue with Wise.

Chloe Brockett of TOWIE
Chloe Brockett [Images @chloebrockett/Instagram]
The Sun has a video revealing the bleeding woman being held back by people, including TOWIE co-stars Rem Larue and Roman Hackett. In the background of the clip, Brockett can be seen flailing around as she is pinned down to the floor. Reportedly, the victim was badly shaken up and required stitches to the wound on her head.

Meanwhile, this isn’t the first time Brockett has been violent. In the video above, she throws a drink at Harry during an angry argument.

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