’TOWIE:’ Yazmin Oukhellou Survives Domestic Abuse, Speaks Out

Yazmin Oukhellou shocked TOWIE fans worldwide Saturday when she revealed herself as a victim of domestic abuse on Instagram. In a lengthy, heartfelt video, the celeb opened up about her experience and how close she came to death. Who was Yazmin in an abusive relationship with? Why is she speaking out now? Read on to get the details.

Yazmin Oukhellou Shares Her Truth

On Saturday, TOWIE bombshell Yazmin Oukhellou shared a very personal truth with her fans on Instagram. The post contained a very sincere video message from the reality star and was accompanied by a lengthy caption. The star reveals in her video that she was at some point in her recent past, a victim of domestic abuse so horrific that she often feared for her life.

Yazmin describes being in a horribly depressed state, ruled by narcissistic and physical abuse. The celeb says that while she knew her family and friends loved her, they didn’t understand what she was going through. She reveals that opening up to her loved ones was hard because they always told her to ‘just leave him.’ Unfortunately, as most abuse victims will tell you – it’s not that simple.

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Oukhellou describes her former relationship as a very dark point in her life. She remembers feeling worthless and could not at that time “see her way out” of the situation. The celeb remembers being in such a state of depression that she, more than once, had contemplated ending her life.

The Light At The End Of The Tunnel

Despite having gone through some very dark experiences, Yazmin Oukhellou says that she is working on herself and going through the healing process. The reality star says that one thing that helped her begin healing was a therapy retreat that she took with her mother. While there, Yazmin realized how effective these retreats were and how much good they could do for women in similar situations to her own.

Now, this British reality star says that she wants to use her platform to be a positive force in women’s lives. She has made it her goal to help women from all over the globe rediscover their self-worth, building them back up into beautiful confident “boss women.” In her video, Yazmin announces that she and a team of experts have created a wellness retreat specifically designed to life victims of domestic and narcissistic abuse rise out of and recover from their relationships.

Oukhellou told fans in her video that she understands how hard it can be to remove yourself from an abusive relationship. She admits to staying in hers for far too long. The celeb shares that, in a moment of clarity, after suffering through bruises, “bloodied faces” and having been blackmailed with intimate personal photos, she found the strength to leave. She knows now, that had she not made that decision her loved ones might have eventually had to bury her.

Yazmin Heals Through Helping Others

In her video, she describes at length the plans for her wellness retreat. The celeb tells fans that the retreat will help them center and refocus on their worth, strength, and personal happiness. The retreat will offer intensive therapies from certified psychologists and counselors. Yazmin Oukhellou also reveals that nutrition, yoga, and mediation are all key components to the experience. She has opened the UK-based retreat to women worldwide and says that a new retreat will be scheduled for each month.

Yazmin says she aims to help as many women as she possibly can.

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