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Abused Woman Comes Forward About Michelle Duggar’s ‘Other Face?’

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Some of Michelle Duggar‘s dark secrets may have been exposed. Since Josh Duggar’s conviction, many people have been coming forward with new details about the family. Now, fans and critics are learning all about what might have happened behind closed doors. Keep in mind that much of this has come from anonymous sources, so it’s all unconfirmed. But those who follow the Duggar family are especially interested in learning more.

Josh’s alleged former bodyguard shared more about what went on behind the scenes in the family’s home. The alleged bodyguard also shared more insight into Anna Duggar’s character, revealing she isn’t as “naive and meek” as she seemed on the show. A source shared some disturbing details about Michelle’s parenting practices.

Now, someone else is coming out to talk about Michelle.

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Michelle Duggar’s ‘other face’ is exposed

In a Facebook post, a source came out and talked about her experience with the Duggar family. She said she was featured on an episode of 19 Kids & Counting when Michelle visited Timberline Knolls. The source explained that they were there recovering from an eating disorder and PTSD. The episode was about eating disorder recovery.

Also in her Facebook post, the source revealed that she had been s*xually abused as a child. The Facebook user says she explained this to Michelle and that the 19 Kids & Counting mom seemed empathetic. Michelle even allegedly called these “evil things.” However, just two days later, the news of Josh’s molestations broke.

When this news came out, Jim Bob and Michelle both talked about forgiveness. The woman who came forward is questioning the difference in Michelle’s reactions.

In the Facebook post, the source wrote, “I want to ask Michelle, ‘What changed?’ What changed in those two short days? How could you be so appalled by my experience, so angry at my r*pist, and then, TWO DAYS LATER, so utterly convinced that your son’s similar crimes weren’t crimes? But I know nothing changed except her presentation. She is, after all, a TV star. And it turned out that she’s just a better actress than I knew to expect. Acting so sad, concealing so much. A snake.”

Then, she added, “She cannot be trusted. None of them can.”

You can read the full post here.

Damn Michelle, you set a low bar (edited, thanks y’all!) from DuggarsSnark

So, does this new information about Michelle Duggar surprise you? Have you been keeping up with all of the sources coming out with information about the Duggar family? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. For more news about the Duggars, come back to TV Shows Ace.

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  1. “Keep in mind that much of this has come from anonymous sources, so it’s all unconfirmed.” AND Michelle is not on trial. Back off the Mom fool!

  2. Tammy Slaton is a spoiled childest brat and needs to be taken off the show….find someone that is really trying to make a difference…we are seeing trash as it really is…this is ridiculous….

  3. I can tell you right now Michelle Duggar is classic battered woman. I have seen signs through out the show that she is controlled by her husband. In several different times I have seen Michelle almost do a eye roll when it came to kissing Jim on. Michelle definitely shows classic signs of a woman who is controlled verbally by threat or physically and verbally. I have been in a abusive controlling relationship for 28 years and I can see classic signs of Michelle showing that she is definitely being the submissive wife to the point that she is showing unknowingly that her husband is very controlling and she submits to him even when she doesn’t want to or knows she should not. Therefore that could explain while when she was giving the one young lady a true feeling about being sorry while in her presence it was just the two of them and then doing the complete reversal after is also a obvious sign that she just does and says what Jimbob tells her that is why other adukt children are showing sides of them of not being controlled like a lost sheep and actually will do what they want in their relationship. Just as Anna is not as meek as she is portrayed on the show. These younger duggar women are clearly not falling for the be so submissive to your husband that you lose all of yourself. The younger woman have seen Michelle follow Jimbob like a faithful wife. But she does it out of fear. He hold all the financial everything so if she were to try to leave she would end up with nothing in her 50s no job skills no way of being able to support herself ect. So for Michelle it is easier to keep being submissive to Jimbob then to walk away from a clearly controlling relationship. Anytime abuse or anything that has to do with abusive relationship comes out Michelle puts up a front to cover her own pain in being abused.

  4. It’s so sad that highly religious controlling families are such hypocrites and misogynists. What kind of parents have to build their bedroom to separate the boys and the girls–so the boys won’t molest and rape the girls. They will have to face a higher power someday.

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