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Netflix’s ‘The Ultimatum’: How To Follow The Cast

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Netflix’s journey into reality TV has given its viewers a number of unique dating shows in the past. Fans will remember Too Hot to Handle and Love Is Blind, but now there’s something new. While it’s new, however, The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On isn’t really different. Read on to find out more about the cohosts and cast and how to follow them on social media.

The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On

Nick and Vanessa Lachey are co-hosts on Netflix’s latest reality show, where six couples will have their relationship put to the ultimate test. While each couple is getting near the marriage stage, one partner is eager to wed, while the other is still unsure.

Netflix's reality show The Ultimatum
The Ultimatum [Image Netflix/YouTube]
The Ultimatum will feature 10 episodes, revealing the couples as they start a relationship with a potential new partner. They will be matched with someone from the other couples over the course of eight episodes. At the end of that experience, the pairs must decide whether to finally get married or split forever.

The reality show already dropped on Netflix on April 6. However, to keep viewers on their toes, the finale episode and reunion special will be aired on April 13.

Cast of Netflix’s new reality show and where to follow them

While you will have to wait to see which couples make it or break up, let’s have a look at the cast and where you can follow them on social media.

April Marie and Jake Cunningham

April and Jake
April and Jake [Image @ultimatumnetflix/Instagram]
After two years of dating, April Marie, 23, has issued Jake Cunningham, 26, an ultimatum. She is ready for the lifelong commitment and wants a ring and a baby with him now.

However, in the first episode, Jake said he wants this experience to help their relationship and not hurt it. While he does love April, he doesn’t want to be rushed into things due to his past. Cunningham explained that he just got out of the military a year ago. Now, he wants to travel and have fun and he also wants to be financially stable.

Readers can follow April Marie on Instagram here, while Jake Cunningham can be accessed on social media here.

Alexis Maloney and Hunter Parr on The Ultimatum

Alexis and Hunter on Netflix The Ultimatum
Alexis and Hunter [Image @ultimatumnetflix/Instagram]
Alex Maloney, 25 has been dating Hunter Parr, 28 for two years. However, Maloney gives Hunter an ultimatum as she is ready to take the next step. In the first episode, Alexis explains that Hunter wants to move in and she wants to get engaged, but they just can’t agree.

While the couple expresses their love, they can’t decide on their future plans. Hunter is nervous about living with a new girl that isn’t his girlfriend. Meanwhile, Alexis feels confident that he will choose someone that will get him ready for marriage.

Readers can follow Alexis Maloney on Instagram here, while Hunter Parr’s Instagram is here.

Madlyn Ballatori and Colby Kissinger

Madlyn and Colby - Netflix The Ultimatum
Madlyn and Colby [Image @ultimatumnetflix/Instagram]
Colby Kissinger, 25, gave his girlfriend Madlyn Ballatori, 24, have been dating for a year and a half. Since he met her in college, Colby instantly knew that Madlyn was the one. Now he has given her an ultimatum and if she doesn’t accept it, he will be moving on.

In the first episode, Madlyn said it was her last night with Colby before they go into this. However, she added that whether or not they end up together, it will never be the same. Ballatori explained that she feels kind of sick to her stomach about how real this experience is. However, she did add that she has an attraction to Randall Griffin. “I’m willing to explore Randall a little bit,” Madlyn said.

Readers can follow Madlyn Ballatori on Instagram here and Colby Kissinger here.

Lauren Pounds and Nathan Ruggles on The Ultimatum

Netflix The Ultimatum - Lauren and Nate
Lauren and Nate [Image @ultimatumnetflix/Instagram]
Nathan Ruggles, 30, has been dating Lauren Pounds, 26, for two-and-a-half years. However, he has now given her an ultimatum because he wants to have kids, but she doesn’t. In the first episode, Nathan said that if they can’t come to an agreement, then they will ultimately have to break up.

He added that anyone he would think of marrying, especially Lauren, must be willing to have children. Nathan said he wants them to grow a family together. However, while they can’t compromise on the possibility of having a family, Lauren is keen to achieve clarity through Netflix’s The Ultimatum.

Follow Lauren Pounds on Instagram here and Nathan Ruggles on social media here.

Rae Williams and Zay Wilson on Netflix’s The Ultimatum

Zay and Rae
Zay and Rae [Image @ultimatumnetflix/Instagram]
Rae Williams, 24, and Zay Wilson, 25, have been dating for two-and-a-half years. Now, Rae has given Zay an ultimatum because she feels he might not be ready for marriage like she is. Williams admitted that she isn’t scared to start over but she would be sad.

Rae has just graduated from college, but she can already picture marriage and kids with her beau. However, Wilson is in a different stage of life and is still trying to figure things out. While Williams means everything to him, he doesn’t want to rush into anything.

Follow Rae Williams on Instagram here and Zay Wilson here.

Shanique Brown and Randall Griffin

Shanique and Randall
Shanique and Randall [Image @ultimatumnetflix/Instagram]
After dating her boyfriend for a year and a half, Shanique Brown, 24, is giving Randall Griffin, 26, an ultimatum. She wants to get married right away, but he still wants to give their relationship some more time. In the first episode, Shanique tearfully says she knows she brought Randall into this, but she doesn’t want to regret it.

Meanwhile, Randall revealed that he will be dating other people during this experience. Moreover, he hopes Shanique knows what she has at stake. He did add that maybe this is what will propel their relationship to new heights.

Readers can follow Shanique Brown on Instagram here and Randall Griffin here.

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