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‘Sister Wives’ Fans Puzzled: Why Does Meri Brown Stay?

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Meri Brown may be Kody’s first wife, but he definitely doesn’t give her the love and respect she deserves. That’s why fans have one question in mind: why does she stay with him?

Leaving does appear to be an option. We saw Christine Brown exit the family and divorce Kody. So why can’t Meri do the same?

Keep reading to see what Reddit users determined.

Reddit users sympathize with Meri Brown’s situation

Reddit users never shy away from discussing Sister Wives. And a recent thread tackled why polygamy would be a terrible setup.

“Meri hits the nail on the head on why plural marriage would really suck,” the original poster wrote. “Besides the obvious of having your spouse sleep with other women. Meri is talking about Mariah leaving home and how she is about to be an empty nester. This is such a hard stage of life for many people. She goes on to point out that it wouldn’t be so bad if she and Kody were in it together, but they aren’t.”

“He isn’t having this experience at all because he has children as young as babies with his other wives still to raise,” they continued. “His kids aren’t gone. Hers [are]. She is very much going through that all alone. It made me think about how horribly lonely that would be- to be going through a difficult time, married but very much alone. Women who are not the favorite wife in a plural family really do seem to be alone in life. They have a small fraction of a husband. I think Kody had it right. Love should not be divided.”

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Other users chimed in and agreed that they sympathized with Meri’s situation. But they also didn’t quite understand why she stayed with Kody. Several pointed out that it all boils down to religious beliefs. Meri Brown believes she will get into Heaven if she partakes in polygamy.

“I really really hope that now that Christine has left, she will follow. Cults have a way of really effing up your mind,” another user wrote. “Meri grew up in this life. Even though she was what, 11, before her father took another wife, the BELIEF was there. That was their religion. It’s what their religion preached.”

The TLC star seems really focused on her own family and life

Meri Brown loves her own children, but it doesn’t seem like her bond with the other kids is very strong. Paedon Brown even admitted he isn’t allowed to speak about Meri in interviews. Many critics believe that if she isn’t bonding well with the rest of the family, she might be better off on her own after all.

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Do you think religion is the driving force that keeps Meri in the Brown household? Be sure to let us know what you think in the comments. Keep following us online for more on the Sister Wives cast. We’ll be here to keep you informed.

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