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Meri Brown Glows With Mariah & Audrey, ‘SW’ Fans Love Seeing It

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Meri Brown has not had the easiest road to happiness with her only biological daughter, Mariah. They struggled for a very long time but once Mariah came out, it seemed to shift the relationship. Meri has been by her side for monumental moments including the Women’s March and wedding venue shopping. Now Sister Wives fans are over the moon to see the relationship between Meri, Mariah, and Audrey. They’ve come a long way so this is definitely something to be continuously celebrated.

Meri Brown’s Rough Track Record

It has not always been fun times for Meri in the Brown family. Though she loved her family, at times she felt like the odd man out. Watching the show from the beginning, the original three wives each had their solidified places in the home. Second wife Janelle preferred to always work and be out of the home. Luckily, third wife Christine had this intense maternal gene. Therefore, she took care of all of the kids in the family who needed her. She taught them and helped with their homework. Furthermore, Janelle felt blessed knowing Christine usually had dinner on the table. Additionally, both women gave Kody six children each. As for Meri, she worked up until Sister Wives began. Then she was let go due to her lifestyle. She went back and forth with going to school but her biggest cross to bear was fertility.

Meri Brown via YouTube
Meri Brown via YouTube

Meri had only given Kody one child, their daughter Mariah. She desperately wanted more children and though they tried, it was never successful. When Robyn entered the family, she and Meri formed a close bond. So close, Robyn offered to be a surrogate around the time Meri was going to a fertility doctor. Mariah, along with Kody, began to pressure Meri into making this decision. Eventually, it was clear Meri and Kody were headed for a downfall so a child was not going to fix that. Mariah and Meri’s relationship became further strained after the catfishing incident so Meri worked tirelessly in an attempt to heal it. It seemingly took Mariah’s coming out to rectify all the damage and now, the two are closer than ever.

Reunited And It Feels So Good

Maybe it is because Meri has found her own independence as a multiple business owner but she and Mariah are thriving. Mariah even went to help at the bed and breakfast during COVID with her fiance, Audrey. In a Reddit thread, a photo of the three was shared with the caption: “They look happy and I love this for them. Glad to see Meri and Mariah connecting.” Another Redditor gave praise to Audrey for making this possible: “I feel like Audrey has been really great for Meri and Mariah’s relationship. They always seem so upbeat and warm.”

Meri and family at the beach
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A fan could not help but notice Meri’s genuine smile in the photo: “Everyone looks so genuinely happy. They have a natural ease with each other in these photos. Meri normally has such a forced smile with those vacant eyes. She smiles like she’s trying to convince herself more than anyone else that she’s happy.” For context, this photo was taken during a recent weekend family get-together to honor Meri’s mother who passed away one year ago. It appears they are all thriving through tragedy and living their best lives together.

Are you happy to see Meri and Mariah’s journey to betterness? Let us know in the comments below.

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