‘Sister Wives’: The Real Reason Meri Brown Divorced Kody?

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Sister Wives fans watched as Meri Brown went from being Kody’s first and only legal wife to persona non grata. In 2014, Meri generously divorced her husband so he could marry his fourth wife Robyn. They did this so Kody could adopt Robyn’s three kids from her first marriage. However, Redditors believe there was much more to Meri’s choice than just kindness in her heart and adoption matters.

From Sister Wives To A Broken Home

Viewers were introduced to the Brown family in early 2010. Meri was the only legal wife of Kody alongside his spiritual wives, Janelle and Christine. She met and married Kody when she was a teenager in 1990 and they claimed they were very much in love. The dynamic somewhat shifted when they chose to bring in a second wife, Janelle. Meri admits there was some jealousy in expanding the family to polygamy and it grew with third wife, Christine. In 2010,  Meri was very open about how she was the one who sought out fourth wife, Robyn. They were at an event when she encouraged Kody to ask her to dance and soon, the courtship began.

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In 2014, Meri divorced Kody so Robyn could become his legal wife and he could adopt her three children from her first marriage. After all, Robyn had offered to be a surrogate for Meri so the two women had formed a special kinship. Behind closed doors, the marriage between Kody and Meri had been suffering which led Meri down a dark hole. She emerged brighter, now having two lucrative businesses but her marriage suffered and she and Kody are nothing more than just friends. Fans have started to question if there was more behind the divorce than just the adoption with the reasoning being quite valid.

The Truth Behind Meri And Kody’s Divorce

For seven years, it was believed Kody and Meri divorced to aid Robyn’s children. Now, a Sister Wives Reddit thread is questioning all of that. It started with one person saying they felt Meri divorced Kody to get him to “love her more.” Ultimately, as the writer of the comment continued, it did not pan out the way she wanted. “Yes, Meri divorced Kody to prove her loyalty and love to him. He probably had been telling her we can have a full marriage when you’re a better sister wife,” another added.

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One person disagreed and had their own thoughts: “I don’t. I think being the first wife and the only legal wife is a power over the others she enjoyed having. She was backed into a corner and didn’t have much of a choice, if she refused it would have caused a huge conflict that would have ended with the same result.” Finally, one Redditor had this to say: “Meri is manipulative. Divorcing Kody to “help” Robyn is just another example of that. And it backfired.”

What are your thoughts as to why Meri truly divorced Kody? Was it plain and simple or more to the story? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. I believe Kody and Robyn manipulated Meri into the divorce. I don’t think she offered it. And if she refused she knew it would be even worse between her and Kody. Favorite wife Robyn gets what she wants.

  2. Meri and Robyn have been the most manipulative of the 4. I’m sure this was mutually discussed and acted up for the camera but I ultimately think it caused the cracks with Meri and the favoritism with Robyn to emphasize. Robyn won, Meri is too stuck to leave even though she isn’t wanted.

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